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Museums in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Colombo has a rich history and culture, with influences from the colonial era and wartime. Three places that portray the diverse and vast heritage of Sri Lanka, are the Dutch Period Museum, the Colombo National Museum and the Gem Museum. These three pillars are typically what make Colombo stands out in term of historical values. If you would like to explore these museums, our local guides are ready to take your there will all of their extensive knowledge about their own country!

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Museums in Colombo, Sri-lanka

  • In Dutch Period Museum, the collection of Dutch colonial furniture and other objects are being shown to travelers.
  • Visit the Colombo National Museum to see features such as authentic paintings, sketches, sculptures from many years ago
  • The Colombo fort is definitely something not to be missed! The Fort was primarily built by the Portuguese and developed by the Dutch after invading the Portuguese regime

Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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