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Airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka

The airport located closest to Colombo is Bandaranaike International Airport. Colombo is located 30 kilometers away from Colombo. You can best hop on the airport taxi service to make your way to the city center of Colombo. Depending on the district you want to go to, the airport taxi price (with air-condition) lies between 2800 and 3300 Sri Lankan Rupee from the airport to Colombo. There is also a shuttle bus departing every 15 minutes from the airport to the main station located approximately 500m further. At this location, intercity buses are driving to Colombo. And if you like to travel by train, you can take the train from the Bandaranaike International Airport to Fort, Colombo. Schedules are not very planned, they vary on each day of the week. A one-way trip costs 500 Sri Lankan Rupee, and trains depart once a day.

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Airport in Colombo, Sri-lanka

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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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Colombo, Sri-lanka


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