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Top Attractions in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a great place to find cultural heritage, ancient cities and historical sites! If you ask yourself a question, who would know about all of the ancient history? Who could tell me the story about the cultural heritage about this country? Of course the locals! That is why Withlocals offers you the opportunity to discover the well-known and hidden places of this beautiful island, under the guidance of a local host. By going on a tour with an expert of the area you are visiting, you will get to know Sri Lanka from a local perspective.

  • Delicious Sri Lankan Meal
  • Hills & History Tour (1N/2D)
  • Ambuluwawa - A place you can observe all parts of Sri Lanka
  • Country Side Temples Experence - Historical, Culture , Nature
  • Day Trip to Galle
  • Explore Colombo,Srilanka
  • City Tour in Colombo
  • Professional tour guide in Kandy
  • Kandy to Polonnaruwa Tour
  • Countryside trekking at Three temples loop
  • Countryside trekking at Three temples loop
  • Best Cooking Lesson in Sri Lanka
  • Kandy to Nuwara Eliya Tour
  • Tour around southern Sri Lanka (4 days!)
  • Spiritual Connection!

Highlights in Kandy, Sri-lanka

Visit the cultural and authentic city of Kandy, and afterwards move upwards to the northern area to see the ‘Cultural Triangle’. This area was previously called ‘The King’s Land’ and shows the start of the Sinhalese civilization. It offers magnificent landscapes with great ancient cities and towns, such as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya, to name a few examples.

This city used to be one Sri Lanka’s spiritual center, with lots of monasteries and temples to be found. Nowadays, Anuradhapura is still a magical place and can capture your attention for hours.

This ancient city has an intense and turmoil history, and was once one of the most important aspects of Sri Lankan culture. Inside, various attractions can be found.

When visiting this ancient city full of gardens and ancient , make sure to enter the mouth of the lion! In other words, make sure to climb the stairs emerging from the gigantic lion’s statue, leading you all the way to the top of a massive rock formation. Quite the climb, but you will be treated with a magnificent view.



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  • Visit Galle
    Located in the South of Sri Lanka, Galle is a beautiful city which can give you at least two days well spend with lots of fun! This authentic city has a massive and firm fortress build in the 17th century, a turtle conservation project and lovely colonial streets full of stores to discover.

  • Adam’s Peak
    Adam’s peak is the fourth highest mountain (2243m) in Sri Lanka. The mountain can be spotted easily, as it is largely surrounded by forests and hills of no comparable size. Pilgrims often climb the mountain in the month of April. On top of the mountain a footprint can be found, called the ‘Sri Pada’, which is believed to be left behind by Buddha’s left foot when he visited Sri Lanka. If you want to climb the mountain, you are advised to do this around December till May, since the other time of the year the weather conditions are extremely rainy, windy and misty.