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Travel options in Spain

ravelling in Spain is overall a pleasant experience. You can reach almost any city by train or bus for reasonable prices. Another option is to rent a car and go on a road trip. The traffic is quite organized but of course during the peak hours in bigger cities it will be busy on the road. For the budget traveler: it is good to know that hitching is illegal on the “autopistas” and “autovias”, so it is not really the best way of traveling through Spain.

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Local Transportation in Spain

  • Within the big cities, there will be plenty of buses, taxi’s and trains to get you to your destination.
  • Walking is of course a great way to see more of the city, wander about and discover something new.
  • You can also opt for biking as a way of transportation. In Barcelona you can rent a bike from one of the local rental bike companies. Barcelona has bike lanes and you can even cycle through the beautiful parks.
  • When visiting Madrid, biking is for the more experienced and adventurous bikers. The city is not that biker friendly yet, but is making big steps to promote biking. You can even rent a electric bike for about 4 euro per hour.
  • Seville clearly wins the race to being the most biker friendly city in Spain, with 120 km of bike lane available! As a tourist you can easily rent a bike for around 2 euro per hour.



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