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Private Tours and Activities in Seville

Seville is the capital city and an area of the southern region Andalusia. It is the fourth biggest city in Spain with 702,355 inhabitants and is known as the city with a “special colour” because it’s really sunny, people are cheerful, it’s the heartland of flamenco and it is very colourful as well. If you want to get the most out of your trip to Seville it’s worth taking a private tour with someone who has lived in the city all their life. Withlocals can connect you with local hosts who will offer customized Seville private tours delivered with the kind of enthusiasm and pride you will only get from a Sevillian. A local tour in Seville might involve unique access to Semana Santa or Feria de Abril, or simply finding out where locals choose to go for tapas. You can book a tailor-made tour to find out more about the city's Moorish history, or find the open-air markets that Sevillians prefer. A private tour in Seville will give you something memorable that few visitors to the city will be able to get, and you'll enjoy a fresh perspective on this wonderful city's culture, history and people.

Hidden Gems in Seville Seville, Spain

  • See the best work by the vaunted Sevillian School at the Museum of Fine Arts.
  • Take a tour through the sublime courtyards, gardens and halls of the Alcázar of Seville, Europe's oldest royal palace still in use.
  • A local tour in Seville can give you access to the marquees, known as ‘casetas’,  a private tent set up during Feria de Abril by companies, neighbourhood and associations.
  • Take a flamenco course at one of the many schools around the city, or opt for the simpler “Sevillana”, a cheerful dance with group choreography.
  • See La Giralda, a former minaret for the city's Grand Mosque, converted into a bell-tower for the cathedral.
  • Get inside information on where to find the best tapas bars in the city.
  • Join to a “romería”, a traditional ritual involving a pilgrimage to a hermitage in the region, taking place on a holy day.
  • Get a local's view of Semana Santa, the mystical week before Easter in which Christians  take solemn candlelight marches in hoods and robes.

Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville Facts and Daily Life Seville, Spain

  • Seville has two football teams - Real Betis and Seville FC, and the rivalry is as fierce as in any other country passionate about football.
  • In this part of Spain punctuality is less of a priority, and it is quite common for people to be late for social meetings by as much as 20 minutes
  • Taking great pride in their city, many people who live in Seville consider themselves firstly to be Sevillian, then Andalucian and, thirdly, Spanish.
  • Thanks to Semana Santa and Feria de Abril, spring is the most important season in Seville and preparations for these events continue throughout the year.
  • Seville is the region known for things that are considered typically Spanish by the rest of the world, such as bullfighting, tapas, Iberian ham, flamenco and sherry.
  • The orange trees in Seville are from a southeast Asian species and were brought the city by the Moors in the 800s.