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Shopping in Seville, Spain

In Seville, people love spending hours gather around commercial storefronts and after that, start to go for shopping. You can shop at almost any hour! Stores open from 9:30am to 2 pm in the afternoon, there is a gap for the lunch and maybe a nap. Afterwards, the shops , then they open again in the afternoon from 5 to 9 pm. The huge department store El Corte Inglés open the whole day from 10 AM to 10 PM.

Depending on what are you looking for, you will find the perfect areas to meet all your expectations: you can relax delve in an open- air markets, find out a special souvenir in the popular artisan shops in Arenal quarter or shopping around in chain stores.

Recently, vintages boutiques retailers haves been adding more entertainment in associated to activate the shopping areas by creating musical and artistic events. Where can you find these areas? ?Check out Soho Benita and Regina Market. Most boutiques are mixed-use spaces, you can find a art gallery, a workshop space and many vintage clothes in the same shop!

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  • Eat and learn about Tapas in Sevilla
  • Eat and learn about Tapas in Sevilla
  • Experience an Authentic Andalusian dinner!
  • Walking Tour: Hidden Gems of Seville!
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Top 10 Shopping malls and Boutique shops in Seville, Spain

  • El Corte Ingles is a Spanish department store offering a wide variety of clothing, accessories and other products - situated in Plaza del Duque and Nervión.
  • The main shopping area in Seville is Sierpes Street where you can find popular retail shops, but also cozy boutiques.
  • Los Arcos was the first commercial mall in Seville and they have the most important fashion brands.
  • Nervion Plaza is more than a commercial mall, it’s a meeting point for many people in Seville. It’s the mall with the biggest number of shops, restaurants and activities in the city. Very crowded!
  • The shopping street San Jacinto is located in the heart of Triana district, you can find many local shops here! Have breakfast in any of the cafés, it will be a real local experience!
  • The Style Outlet is called by most local people by its old name „Factory” as it brings together 65 shops from top fashion brands in clothing, accessories and household
  • You can find a mix between known retail chains and exclusive boutiques on the Asunción street.
  • Zalez is a small shop and handbag atelier where you can directly know who made those beautiful flowered handbags.
  • Victorio y Lucchino are two haute couture designers from Seville who are known on the fashion scene as wedding dress designers. Check out their first shop located on the Sierpes street.
  • Made with Lof offers stationery products, handmade crafts and organize events, as they said, with love!

Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Top Local areas and Local products Seville, Spain

  • Soho Benita has become an artsy bohemian haven, with artisan and street-style shops, small hotels and trendy eateries.
  • Mercado Sevillano de Plata is a great place for getting beautiful pieces of silver. Weight them, pay, go - great bargain!
  • You can not leave Spain without buying an „abanico”, the traditional fan you see everywhere. Check out the store called Diza-Dizal-Zadi.
  • The Rompemoldes Space is a beautiful set of ateliers in various craft disciplines. Some of  them have a small point of sale but others work only under contract.
  • The Juan Foronda store sells the traditional handmade shawls with hand-embroidered green floral patterns usually worn for special events such as the Feria or at weddings.
  • If you love the Iberic ham, you can get a very local ham leg in La Salmantina store, in Triana District. Also good for other kinds of cold meat or Spanish cheese!