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Restaurants in Seville, Spain

The Sevillian cuisine is based on traditional dishes made with essential ingredients like tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Also, considering that the region of Andalusian is one of the largest agricultural regions in Europe, you can assume they use fresh vegetables for everything.

In addition, the Seville’s gastronomy is a combination of different influences, from the fresh flavours of the Mediterranean to the spicy North African cuisine. If you want an overview of Andalusian dishes, you can split it in two types of dishes: traditional home-cooked meals and recipes that are cooked depending on the weather.

Seville is the capital of the “tapa”(small portion of a dish) culture as going out for tapas (“tapear) is the locals’ favorite way to spend the evening. Don’t be scared when you go to a restaurant and hear the waiter shouting loudly, certainly he is just letting you know the long list of that day’s tapas. Tapear isn't just a way of dining out, is something cultural and a way of living!

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  • Workshop: Secrets of Andalusian cuisine
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  • Experience an Authentic Andalusian dinner!
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  • Game of Thrones Tour: Visit the Royal Palace of Dorne
  • Experience an Authentic Andalusian dinner!
  • Experience an Authentic Andalusian dinner!
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  • Workshop: Secrets of Andalusian cuisine
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Top 10 Cozy restaurants in Seville, Spain

  • A mix between tradition and evolution is Tradevo, a hidden gastrobar in Seville,with a Andalusian menu which includes signature wines.
  • One of the best culinaries options in Seville is La azotea. They have various formats of restaurants under the same avangardist concept.
  • A classical tapas bar with the narrow bar counter is Eslava. Don't miss out the manchego cheese ice cream!
  • Go to the cozy tavern in the Santa Cruz quarter called Las teresitas! It’s like traveling back to Seville’s past.
  • El Salvador is a square where you can find a beautiful church and some tapas bar. Every day about 1 or 2 PM, specially Fridays, you can see this square crowded of local people eating and socializing, why not join the locals?

  • Casablanca has a chummy and exclusive atmosphere, their tapas and desserts are really homemade. If you have the chance to go in autumn, don´t miss out the chestnut pudding!
  • Abantal is the only Michelin Star restaurant Seville, exceptional pairing with spectacular flavors and Andalusian wines. Explore unlimited sensations!
  • Antigua abacería de San Lorenzo offers very traditional dishes in a homely and intimate place where the waiter will give you all the attention you need.
  • If you are really hungry and have a small budget Los coloniales is the restaurant for you, you can find affordable and really nice dishes in this popular restaurant in Seville.
  • El Rincóncillo is the oldest bar in Seville, it’s a classic tapas tavern and the favourite go-to place for generations of Sevillians.

Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Popular dishes Seville, Spain

  • Gazpacho is a tasty cool  tomato soup made with a mix of raw vegetables, olive oil and vinegar. It is really refreshing for the warm Spanish summers!
  • With an aroma reminding Morocco, spinach with peacock is a traditional warm dish in the south of Spain.
  • The popular winter dish is the puchero. It is a humble stew based on legumes, fatty meat, seasonal vegetables and peppermint. It’s a really nutritious dish providing you a good start of the day!
  • Go to Utrera town to try the authentic “mostachones”, a kind of small flattened cake made with sugar and cinnamon.
  • Rabo de toro (literally “the bull tail”) can be used for multiple recipes, ranging from a strong stew to a tasty croquette.
  • One of the greatest tapas in Seville is cazón adobado,  a marinated fish with vinegar, oregano and garlic.
  • Huevos a la flamenca This is such a flexible recipe that every chef or restaurant has its own specialty. Its a dish best served in hot clay pot itself.