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Nightlife in Seville, Spain

A popular song has these lyrics “Seville makes you fall in love with the world because of its personality, warmth and festivals”. It’s a perfect description of the vibrant life in Seville. A typical evening for a local starts with going out for tapas in Triana Quarter about 9 PM but this social get together can easily extend until midnight. Local people love spending time trying out new tapas-bar and chit chatting. After that, there are two options for most locals: going to a pub to enjoy some beers or wine or doing “botellona” which means having your own alcohol outside, in a market or large street.. Pubs are scattered all around the city instead of all being grouped together in one area.

However, the “botellonas” areas are often changing. This option encourages you to discover the local night buzz by meeting up with friends meet in popular squares where people are chatting and relaxing. . Ask around and just pick one! If you are on the mood to continue going out, you can go dancing from around 2 AM and still open until 6 AM. Local people dance really well, they have an unique style it doesn’t matter if the music is flamenco, dance or the great hits of the 80s!

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  • Enjoy a meal like a True Spaniard
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Great Places to go out Seville, Spain

  • Obbio Club is a small disco pub with a quirky atmosphere and popular DJs. The fun is guaranteed!
  • For all the jazz lovers out there, you definitely should go to Naima Cafe Jazz in Seville, a small cozy jazz bar close to Alameda de Hercules.
  • Garlochí is a really unique place where the images of Jesus and the Virgin are the stars. It could sound creepy, but don’t worry, a lot of people enjoy having the drink called “the Blood of Christ” - a mix of vodka, whisky and grenadine!
  • If you are tired of drinking Cruzcampo beer, go to the International brewery, they have more than 200 beers!
  • One of the legendary places is the Fun Club, the center of the alternative music in Seville. You can attend a concert or just go  dancing rock for all ages. Definitely, you’ll have some fun!

  • The huge disco Antique Theatre Seville was built on an olympic pavillion area. It’s very possible to see famous people there!
  • A former porn-cinema has been transformed in a concert venue in Seville! This place has the obvious name Sala X in the bohemian quarter Alameda de Hercules.
  • On the banks of the River Guadalquivir, Demo Bar is one of the most versatile bars in the Triana district, as you'll see different theme nights, from karaoke to funky nights.
  • Berlin isn’t the most beautiful pub but it has a special charm to it and it’s one of the pubs that closes later. If you ask to a local for his opinion about this pub, surely he’ll respond with an amazing story.
  • El Cafe de Arte has an interesting mix of 80s music concerts, cool lighting  arrangements, cheap tapas and great art exhibitions.

Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Areas to go out Seville, Spain

  • Adriano street located in the Arenal area is an extremely popular street in the winter and spring to hang out before going to late night “discotecas”. Most locals bring their own drinks and gather in large groups, an activity that is known as “botellona”.
  • The center of the alternative scene in Seville is just 5 minutes from the Campana in the large open plaza of Alameda de Hercules. It’s common to find as many people outside in the plaza as it is inside in the big selection of pubs. You'll find live music in some bars, alternative music in others and frequent events in the plaza.
  • Another option could be Calle Betis which is situated in front of the river Guadalquivir and is famous in Seville for its lively nightlife. Look for a bar with a night view over the river, you’ll be impressed!