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Markets in Seville, Spain

To explore properly Seville you should visit the markets, see and smell what the market stands are offering you, in the meantime, practice speaking Spanish and share your words with the locals! You’ll be welcomed by smiles, language signs and a lot of good will!

Depending of where in the city they are located, each market will have a particular identity. Some of them are located in plazas almost the whole week, while others are once a week events, like the Feria Market which only takes place every Thursday.

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  • Walking Tour: From Seville to America
  • Walking Tour: Hidden Gems of Seville!
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Great Markets in Seville, Spain

  • If you are foodie and love design, don’t miss out the new Gourmet Market Lonja del Barranco! Did you know that Eiffel designed this singular building? This former fish market can offer really interesting gastronomic experiences with really affordable prices.
  • In Andalusian region, traditional markets are called “Plaza de abastos” and are popular among local people. The Arenal Market is one of these markets, you shouldn’t miss out the Arenal Seafood restaurant!
  • Charco de la Pava Market is a big market that takes place every Sunday where you’ll find endless hidden treasures: second hand bikes, clothes, food, antiques, animals and so on.
  • If you want to discover a special flea market, El jueves market is definitely it! You can find antiques and vintage objects including pieces of furniture or even old video games.
  • The Feria market is one of the oldest markets where you can find fresh meat, fruits, fish and bread. There’s also bar where you can have grilled fish from the market, are you ready to try this out?
  • Every first Sunday of the month there’s the market of Art and Design in the Bermejales district.
  • The Postigo Market of handicraft takes place in beautiful building with traditional architecture, you’ll find pretty handmade souvenirs there!
  • One of the most crowded meeting points is Plaza del Duque, where  you can also find a market with clothing, jewelry and leather objects.Check out the local art market in front of the Fine Art Museum, it’s opened every Sunday and you can always find many new artists showing off their artwork.

Seville, Spain


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Seville, Spain.

Seville, Spain


Enjoy a trip through the eyes of a local. Get the ultimate tour in Seville, Spain.

Seville, Spain


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Seville, Spain locals and their cultures.

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Highlighted Markets in Seville, Spain

  • Gourmet Market Lonja del Barranco was built with the purpose of becoming in a gastronomy showcase in Andalusia. Situated next to the river this former fish market can offer really interesting gastronomic experiences!
  • Triana Market is located inside the San Jorge Castle where the old inquisitorial tribunal was located. Treat yourself with fresh fish bites, fruits or pickles! You can find some cool places like the craft beer factory or the independent theater.

  • El jueves is an extravagant market that takes place every Thursday, as its name indicated. Most of the sellers are bohemian people with great talents which sell antiques pieces but also second-hand objects.