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Holidays in Seville, Spain

Seville holidays are a mix between religious and secular national, regional and local celebration days. People in Seville have 14 public holidays, out of which 10 are national, 2 are regional and 2 are local holidays. Plenty of opportunities for „fiestas”, right?

Most of those holidays are celebrated outdoors by organizing beautifu colorfull festivals but some also focus more on family home dinners and quality time with the loved ones. Shops close on these holidays but most of the restaurants are open because families and friends love dining out for these occasions.

If you are lucky and you are in Seville on a public holiday, enjoy these day by joining to the locals!

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National Holidays in Seville, Spain

  • The 5th of January holds The Three Kings Parade during the evening and sweets plus little gifts are thrown from floats to the children around them. The following day Epiphany is celebrated which is the most important day for Spanish children! They wake up  early int he morning to find out what  Los Reyes Magos (the Three Kings) have left as presents for them.
  • The Dia de Andalucia region is the 28th of February and it’s also a big day for Sevillians! The day before is celebrated at school with cultural activities and an `Andalusian breakfast`. On the day itself, the 28th of February, there are some sports activities and commemorative events going on.
  • In March or April, the week before Easter which is called Semana Santa is one of the biggest holidays in Seville. The official holidays are the „Jueves Santo” and
  • Viernes Santo”.
  • The popular Feria de Abril in Seville is celebrated for one week but it’s the town hall which decides if it is or not a public holiday.
  • The 1st of May is Labour Day which is celebrated by some trade unions movements though public demonstrations.
  • The 30th of May is the Saint Ferdinand festivity which is also a really big holiday as he is the city’s saint patron.  The Corpus Christi is a catholic festivity with a flexible date which is celebrated the following Sunday after Trinity Sunday (the 8th Sunday after Easter).
  • On the 15th of August, the Assumption of Virgin Mary is celebrated and most of the people are on holiday.
  • October 12th is an important day in Spain as it’s the National Day or the Pilar Festivity. It celebrates the anniversary of Columbus’s first arrival in the Americas November is off to a good start with All Saints Day on the 1st of November. People bring flowers to the graves of the dead relatives, but also the play Juan Tenorio is traditionally performed this day.
  • December is a very festive month with a lot of holidays starting from Constitution Day on the 6th of December, Immaculate Conception on the 8th of December and, of course, Christmas.

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