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Attractions in Seville, Spain

If you want to discover a beautiful historical city, cheerful local people, enjoyables customs, a love for food and 300 sunny days, Seville is the place to be!

It was founded by the Romans 2000 years ago and is a beautiful blend of cultures and styles. One of the most outstanding influence is the Moorish, you can see it in gardens or in buildings around the city - check out the massive cathedral.

After the discovery of America, Seville became the most important port in the 16th century and the center of commerce between Spain and the New World. This relevant historic moment brought prosperity to the city. As soon as this situation didn’t work out anymore the city was transformed in a catholic center with a lot of convents. This started a major phase in Seville: the Baroque.

Do you want to see an pure show of flamenco? You can easily find some of these shows (aka “tablaos”) in the Triana quarter or in the Santa Cruz quarter. Ask to the locals people, most of the Sevillians are flamenco lovers!

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  • Workshop: Secrets of Andalusian cuisine
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Top 10 attractions Seville, Spain

  • La Giralda, the tower of an important mosque, is the most well-known icon of the remaining Islamic monuments.
  • The massive cathedral of Seville is the third largest one in the world and its architecture contains  Moorish, Gothic and Renaissance elements.
  • If you're curious about Spanish architecture, you can discover Plaza de España, one of the fanciest public squares in Seville .
  • Santa Maria la Blanca Church is one of the most stunning sets of Andalusian architecture of the seventeenth century, its ceiling is unique in Seville and makes it a must-see church!
  • To get an idea about old Seville, get lost in Barrio de Santa Cruz. That’s where jews, muslims and catholics lived together in the same neighborhood.
  • Originally a Moorish fortress, The Royal Alcázares in Seville, was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987.
  • Las setas are a large wooden structure resembling two big mushrooms that are covering a large part of the Encarnacion square, the heart of downtown. Check out the rooftop for both the cocktail bar and a spectacular view of Seville!
  • Plaza Nueva is the town hall square and is situated between two districts, the traditional Arenal neighborhood  and Alfalfa. You can certainly find a street performers here!
  • Seville is the capital of Flamenco, so watching flamenco in the rustic bar Carboneria is a must. La Carbonería is a bar with traditional wooden tables and chairs where there is a local flamenco show almost every day.
  • The María Luisa Park is  an old historical garden and the most important public park in the city. If you are a flowers lover, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Seville, Spain


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Highlighted Attractions Seville, Spain

  • Do you like Star Wars movies? In the 2nd episode II, the Plaza de España is the setting where princess Amidala and Anakin Skywalker are walking around. It’s a cool square that has been featured in multiple Hollywood movies, you can definitely feel like a star here!
  • Experience the real, authentic flamenco in Carboneria! ,an old tavern that smells like history and culture. The front room features vintage furniture and the works of local artists, while the back courtyard is where the performances are held. The best thing: free entrance.
  • The Royal Alcázares in Seville, which is the oldest royal palace in Europe, has been chosen as the main venue for shooting the 5th Game of Thrones season.