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Home restaurants in Spain

The Spanish cuisine is improving faster and evolving from traditional cooking to high end cooking. In the beginning, Spanish chefs were very traditional cooks, avoiding the Nouvelle Cuisine and keeping a basic approach on their dishes. Each region has its own traditional dishes based on ingredients available locally. Some regions in the North of Spain, such as Basque Country or Catalonia quickly absorbed new ingredients and techniques from new settlers and so the cuisine has expanded its limits.

Cooking club are pretty popular there, so don’t miss the chance to eat with local people! In the last decades, the number of restaurants increased in Spain, promoting the well-known “tapas” or “pintxos”. They can be very simple or sophisticated, depending on how much money you want to spend. At the same time, Spaniards are the definition of foodies as they really appreciate fresh ingredients and delicious dishes.

They love going for tapas, visiting lots or bars while taking a single “tapa” in each place. Street food is popular in Spain. Especially, during festivals when you can find typical churros, empanadas gallegas, Spanish omelette or just the popular bocadillos everywhere! You definitely need to try a Spanish cook as the locals are known to be great chefs! If you have the chance to try their homemade and yummy food, you cannot miss it!

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Top 10 Restaurants in Spain

  • If you are really hungry but are on a budget, Los coloniales is the restaurant for you, you can find affordable and really nice dishes in this popular restaurant in Seville.
  • Bazaar is an elegant restaurant in the heart of the trendy gay neighborhood, Chueca, in Madrid. They promote mediterranean-Asian fusion cuisine, are you willing to try it?
  • Bar Tomas is the place to be in Barcelona if you want to get the vibes of the local Spanish lifestyle with patatas bravas and a cold beer.
  • Antigua abacería de San Lorenzo offers very traditional dishes in a homely and intimate place where the waiter will give you all the attention you need.
  • If you love to have great eggs in different ways, the classical tavern Los huevos de Lucio is a must try in Madrid.
  • Close to the Barceloneta beaches, Vaso de Oro, is tasty and affordable and you can enjoy craft beers on tap and some typical Padron Peppers.
  • A mix between tradition and evolution is Tradevo, a hidden gastrobar in Sevilla, with a Andalusian menu which includes signature wines.
  • The singer Bono ( U2) said that the best croquette he has ever tried was in Casa Julio, Madrid. They have several types of croquettes ranging from vegetarian to fish without forgetting the famous Spanish ham croquettes.
  • Cal Pep is a high quality mediterranean restaurant with seasonal ingredients in Barcelona.The coolest part of the restaurant is sitting at the bar counter, did you know the prices are lower this way?



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Traditional Dishes in Spain

  • Paella is the top one Spanish dish. Everybody thinks that paella must always contain seafood but it’s not true, the original recipe was created for peasants so just contained meat and vegetables.
  • Pisto manchego is a very traditional warm dish made with tomatoes, onions, peppers and eggplants. Sometimes it can be accompanied by bread and a fried egg.
  • Spanish omelette is basically a normal egg omelette with fried potatoes. There are many varieties of omelette with vegetable or even chorizo. Choose your favourite!
  • Iberic ham is the main treasure in Spain, this gourmet ham from acorn-fed pigs is made in a long curing process
  • Churros are the best street food in Spain. You can find these tasting dough sticks in any festival, breakfast bars or in any local home!
  • If you go to Madrid, you should ask for the crispy calamari baguette with mayonnaise in Plaza Mayor. It´s very popular among students because you can easily feel full after eating it.