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Festivals in Spain

Spanish locals love to party and there are fiestas (parties) and celebrations throughout the whole year. Most of the festivals are typically local and the way they are celebrated can vary from town to town. Religion is an important driver of festivals. For example Semana Santa, the Holy Week, is one of the most important festivals in Spain. It is related to Easter and celebrated all throughout Spain, with the biggest spectacle in Seville. But Spain is also well known for more bizarre fiestas such as La Tomatina, which is basically a huge tomato fight, or the San Fermin bull running for the more adventurous runner. Whatever fiesta you choose to join, you will be sure that there will be great food, music, wine and lots of dancing.

Do you want to explore these famous events or maybe the smaller beauties among the Fiestas? Try flamenco, music and wine with the locals!

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Top Festivals in Spain

  • One of the most famous festivals in Spain is Fiesta de San Fermin. This bull running spectacle in the narrow streets of Pamplona is for the real thrill seekers.
  • Tomatina is a crazy tomato fight on the last Wednesday of August. Nobody really knows how it started, but with all the fun involved, who cares?
  • In March, the streets of Valencia are filled with huge papier-mâché figures during Las Fallas. There will be performances, fireworks and bonfires: do not miss it!
  • Semana Santa is the holy week festival, celebrated in the whole of Spain. The biggest spectacle is in Seville. It is a series of processions of religious statues, penitents with pointed hoods and brass bands
  • The Spring Festival, Feria de Abril in Sevilla, is a 6 day fair with parades, bullfighting, tapas and lots of drinks! It dates back all the way to 1847, and started out as a livestock fair.
  • Carnival is celebrated in all Spanish towns, but the major parties are in Tenerife, Cadiz and Sitges. Enjoy the amazing costumes and dance until your feet hurt!
  • Sonar Festival is Barcelona’s biggest music festival. Enjoy the best electronic music for three days in June.
  • Barcelona has its own version of Valentine’s Day: Saint George Festival. Gentlemen, start buying some red roses for the ladies, you might get a book in return.
  •  Nochevieja, the New Year celebration, is quite special in Madrid! People gather at the Puerta del Sol, the clock will chime 12 times for 12 months of good luck and you try to eat one grape at every chime.
  •  Do you like to trick people on the first of April? You can do it again on the 28th of December in Spain, on Dia de los Santos Inocentes!



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Traditional Festivals in Spain

  • The Tomatina festival has become very famous and so popular, that nowadays the number of participants has been limited to 20.000. After one hour of over-ripe-tomato throwing fun, the streets will be hosed down to clean them up. Do not forget to bring some spare clothes and take a good shower, the smashed tomatoes will be everywhere!
  • The narrow streets of Pamplona fill up with runners and bulls each year in July. The amazing amount of people dressed in white and red, the potential danger of the running bulls and the sheer thrill of it all give enough reason to experience it at least once. If you are fit you might even be able to be a runner!
  • Valencia welcomes the spring in March with the Las Fallas festival. The name of the festival literally means ‘the fire’, which is related to the fact that the huge puppets that parade the streets will be burned down at the final day of the festival. These enormous creations often reflect Spanish celebrities or politicians, and take about a full year to create. During the festival you can enjoy bullfights, parades, beauty pageants and amazing food. Fireworks play an important role as well, with a daily highlight - the mascleta at 2 pm. A long line of firecrackers is ignited, creating a thunderous sound.