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Climate & Weather in Spain

When thinking about the weather in Spain, sunny days at the beach or terrace come to mind. But the Spanish climate is much more diverse than that.

If you are looking for hot summer days, the best time to visit Spain is from May to September. Are you travelling all the way to the south of Spain? Then you can already get a nice 25 degrees Celsius in March. On average you will not have to worry about rain, Spain is a fairly dry country. During the winter months you can also visit Spain for a winter sport experience. Go to the Pyrenees or Sierra Nevada to enjoy some snow fun. In spring you could even combine snow and sunny beaches in one holiday: a one-hour drive can bring the temperature up 25 degrees!

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Climate in Different parts in Spain

The mountains on the one hand and the Mediterranean see on the other hand make for big seasonal changes in the weather. Due to this, Spain can be divided into three climate areas.

The islands and the coast Here you will find a Mediterranean climate. This means sunny hot summers and mild winters. The sea is responsible for the moderate temperature differences. A lot of people from colder countries like to spend the winter on the Spanish coast because of the mild climate.

Central Spain The continental climate in Central Spain knows more temperature differences between the different seasons. The summers can be very hot, with heat waves and temperature around 40 degrees Celsius.

North and North-West Spain This part of Spain has a sea climate. A characteristic is that the rainfall is spread throughout the year instead of clustered in specific months. The summer temperature is on average around 24 degrees Celsius, while winter days can be chilly with an average of 2 degrees Celsius. But ice cream days of 40 degrees Celsius and ice days of -10 degrees Celsius are also no exception in this area.



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