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Home restaurants in Barcelona

Eating in Barcelona exposes you to a new part of the Spanish cusine, the Catalan cuisine. As in the rest of Spain, eating out remains a major pastime, whether at lunch, dinner or the traditional family feast on Sundays. It’s amazing to observe how the fast-paces Barcelona completely slows down during lunch time and how the evenings are always so lively with locals enjoying their food and “cervezas” in their neighbourhood.

Catalan grub is quite different from the food of the rest of the country. The typical daily diet consist of Mediterranean choices, with an abundence of fish, veggies and pork is widely eaten. To everybody’s surprise, tapas bars are not widely spread as in the rest of Spain. Instead, Catalans tend to go for “raciones”, plates of cheese, pates and cured meats. How’s that for a great snack?

If you want to get a taste of the real Catalan cuisine, stay away from the places on La Rambla and head instead to the Barri Gotic where you could sample good old-fashioned Catalan dishes at Can Culleretes or check the sophisticated L’Eixample for a touch of chic and charm in your plate.

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Top Restaurants Barcelona, Spain

  • Bar Tomas is the place to be in Barcelona if you want to get the vibes of the local Spanish lifestyle with patatas bravas and a cold beer.
  • Close to the Barceloneta beaches, Vaso de Oro, is tasty and affordable and you can enjoy craft beers on tap and some typical Padron Peppers.
  • Cal Pep is a high quality mediterranean restaurant with seasonal ingredients in Barcelona.The coolest part of the restaurant is sitting at the bar counter, did you know the prices are lower this way?
  • Go to La Flauta for a bustling atmosphere from early in the morning until late at night - try to get a table for “desayuno” (breakfast), you’re in for a treat!
  • Want to try a good vegan restaurant? Try the Veggie Garden for their long list of smoothies, shakes or check out the Japanese noodle salad!
  • Fancy a pizza? Visit Restaurant del Barri which is a great spot for locals where you’ll see them gathering for football matches, cold beers and delicious pizzas. Located on Passeig de Pujades 25
  • Head to Lata-Berna on Torrent de les Flors 53 for creative tapas with an original presentation
  • El Kiosko is known for its special chutney sauce, home-cooked fries and its gourmet burgers. Located on Marques de l’Argentera 1, Born -Ribeira.
  • Looking for a family establishment? GRanja Mabel was modernised by the last generation that inherited and will get you a great menu for less than 10 euros.
  • Escairón will surprise you with its Galician cuisine, fresh and quality market fare at reasonable prices. Try out the Galician entrecote (sirloin steak) and caldo gallego (Galician broth), but don’t skip the dessert called Escairon

Barcelona, Spain


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Barcelona, Spain


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Barcelona, Spain


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Best Local Dishes in Barcelona, Spain

  • For the salad lovers: try “escalivada”, “ezqueixada” or “empedrat”! Your taste buds will be surprised by all the flavors and wonderful combinations.
  • Black rice is quite the star in Barcelona, simply ask for “arros negre”.
  • “Conill amb cargols” is Rabbit with snails and the specific sauces or garnishes.

  • Try out a different type of paella? Try “fideuà (shorts spaghettis) "a la cassola" which uses small and thin noodles instead of rice.
  • Going for a serious meal? Ask for “botifarra amb mongetes” which is (Catalan sausage with haricot beans.
  • The most traditional Catalan stew is called “escudella amb carn d’olla”.
  • Another delicious typical dish that is usually made for Christmas is “Pollastre farcit amb prunes i pinyons