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Markets in Barcelona, Spain

The best way to explore a new country and its culture is by mingling with the locals. Visiting a local market is one of the not to miss experiences whenever visiting a new city. Barcelona has many local markets, one of the most famous being La Boqueria. You find great food there, shown in a way that makes your mouth water, and offers you a great opportunity for impressive pictures. Bargain, shop and gossip with the locals!

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Best Markets in Barcelona, Spain

  • La Boqueria is Barcelona’s best-known market. It is a true feast for the senses with many smells, tastes and sounds
  • For a more local experience, visit the Sant Antoni Market. It is comparable to La Boqueria, but larger and not filled with tourists.
  • Are you a sweet tooth? Why not visit the Fira Artesana. This honey market in Barcelona is famous for amazing homemade cakes and honey infused cheeses.
  • See Catalan artists at work at the Mercadillo de la Palca de Sant Josep. It’s a cute little market with around 15 artists and their easels, under the shadow of a church.
  • The Fira de Nautumismo is a paradise for collectors of coins and stamps. But often you also find a few art stalls or antique stalls there.
  • For the real bizarre flea market experience, visit Mercat del Encants. If you can name it, you can buy it there! Be early for the real gems.
  • Buy some beautiful roses for your holiday love at the Mercat de la Concepcio. The smell and colors of the flowers will definitely make you happy!

Barcelona, Spain


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Barcelona, Spain


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Barcelona, Spain


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Top Markets in Barcelona, Spain

  • La Boqueria market Is the best-known market in Barcelona. Treat yourself to beautiful fruit, fresh seafood and numerous sweet delicacies. Are you planning on cooking a special meal? You will find amazing ingredients here.  If you are into photography, you will definitely like the colorful and neatly organized stalls.
  • Fira Artesana is known as the honey market. Get impressed by the beautiful organic products you can find there. It is not going to be easy to stay on budget looking at the homemade cakes, honey infused cheeses and organic nuts.  
  • The market is held once a month on the first Friday and Saturday of the month.
  • Sant Antoni is a daily market where you can find everything from clothes and shoes to food and house hold products. Fruits and vegetables can be found in the indoor part of the market. If you are into collecting books and stamps, make sure to visit this market on Sunday.