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Why we love German?

Awesome German guides in Barcelona

  • Quick question. What’s the most spoken mother tongue in Europe? English? Spanish? French? Wrong! A whopping 16% of the European population speaks German, making it the continent’s most spoken first language. Surprising perhaps, but not as surprising as many German words’ very literal translations into English. In what other language would the word for gloves, “handschuh”, translate literally as “hand shoes”?
  • So, German is a language that majestically gets to the point and yet it is also famous for having never ending words like, “kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung”! It’s a baffling language to anyone who doesn’t speak it as a native, and yet that’s what makes it so magical! We can’t think of any other language whose very vocabulary serves so well as a fantastic conversation starter!
  • And yet, so many people do speak German as their first language! Aside from Germany, of course, Switzerland, Austria, Luxembourg, and Liechtenstein also have the honor of calling it their official language. With so many speakers out there, it makes sense to bring you the best German guides in Barcelona!

Top German hosts in Barcelona

7 Course Fusion Ecologic Dinner


€65.00 p.p.

Highlights & Hidden Gems of Barcelona



€18.50 p.p.

Delicious Paella at a Local Casa


€35.00 p.p.

Why would you choose a private local guide?

Great private German guides in Barcelona

  • There certainly are a lot of German speakers in Barcelona, however, it’s unquestionably much easier to find English and Spanish tours in the city. That’s why you'll find the perfect private guide tour experience for you in Barcelona! Not only will you have a tour perfectly adapted to German speakers, you’ll also have one perfectly adapted to you! Join our guides to experience Barcelona with no fixed itinerary, no constraints and no extra tips to pay at the end. Sounds pretty amazing right? So take it easy, while we help you plan the perfect holiday!
  • Not only are our Barcelona German guides experts on the city’s history and culture, they also know the best of spots for fun times there! So if you have any questions about places to visit don’t hesitate and you’ll be sure to get a list of the best restaurants, bars and hidden gems in the city! Want to meet other Germans? Let you're host know and they'll show you the way!

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Brian Barcelona

Private Day Trip: Magical Montserrat

We are from the US and it was really great spending the day with someone whose first
language is English. But just as important was Hannah's knowledge of the city and the
great destination that is Montserrat. She was very kind to moderate her pace for those
in our group who aren't quite as spry as others; and to make some minor last minute
changes to better accommodate us. What a sweetheart!!!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Sarah Liliana

Barcelona's Street Art Bike Tour

I love street art and history and architecture and culture, so it goes without saying I love Barcelona! There are so many ways to see and experience the city, and a tour with Liliana is one of the best. Liliana provides education, culture, history, art, and compassion in the experience of a lifetime. The tour was an opportunity to meet the streets of Barcelona by bike without the responsibility of navigating new territory while simultaneously being introduced to the past, present, and future of the city. The tour begins with a quick greeting which for me felt more like reconnecting with an old friend. Lilianna then provided us with bikes that were designed to easily accomodate all body types and skill sets. We began the experience with introductions, Lilianna really takes the time to get to know you and cater the experience to your preferences. The tour provided an insight to the history of the development of Barcelona and we were able to take in the beauty, landscape, and art of the city as we transitioned into more local neighborhoods embracing the progress and social direction of the city. The tour then concluded with a picturesque ride along the waterfront and back through the old town. Lilianna is very knowledgable about the architects and inspirations of the city, and is happy to experience it from your eyes as well. I would reccomend this tour to everyone, and really appreciate the time and care Lilianna took in making our expereince exceptional. We really felt a connection to a kindred spirit in Lilianna, and she is always welcome to visit us in Portland!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Ben Prí

Picture Perfect: Private Instagram Photo Tour

Our family visited Barcelona over the holidays. My wife booked a walking and a biking tour with Pri. She gave us the most exciting tours. She's a gentle soul, smart, very nice person and knows so much about the city. She made Barcelona shine! Our experience with Pri is one we will not forget. Thank you Pri!

What can you expect from a private local tour?

Top tours with German guides in Barcelona

  • So you’ve decide you’d like to give it a go with one of our German guides in Barcelona, but you’re still not decided on which tours to join? Don’t worry, there are so many great options to choose from and we’re here to help!
  • Want to get to know the center of Barcelona a bit before heading out and exploring yourself? Join our guides for a kick start tour that will show you around all of Barcelona’s coolest spots giving you great tips of the best places to visit! Feeling a bit peckish? We have an awesome food and wine tasting experience that’ll give you a taste of Cataluña’s stunning foodie culture!
  • The last of our tips - though there are many other great options! - is a bike tour that will have you exploring Gaudí’s incredible architectural achievements! You simply can’t miss out on seeing these iconic landmarks when you visit Barcelona and this is a great way to get you to see all of his great works which are scattered around the city. A super fun way to marvel at the best the city has to offer. You’re sure to have the time of your life in Barcelona with your local guide!

Great tours in Barcelona

The Other Side of Barcelona: El Raval & Urban Vibes



€20.00 p.p.

Vintage Sidecar Motorcycle Tour Through Barcelona


€57.00 p.p.

Barcelona’s Must-Do Family Tour



€12.50 p.p.