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Top Attractions in Spain

The Iberian peninsula is a country full of different traditions and customs since many cultures and religions have co-existed together in the space for a long time. The Spanish culture has been influenced by several civilizations: Celtic, Phoenicians, Ancient Roman, Visigoths, Muslims and Jewish.

You can definitely notice all these influences throughout the country. For example, you can discover a rich Moorish heritage in Andalusia or can travel back to the Golden Age in the Jewish quarter in Barcelona.

Also, keep in mind that you can find several natural attractions in Spain: long white sandy beaches to relax on, many green routes for hiking lovers and high mountains for amazing trekking trails.

If you want to learn and find out more about the most interesting Spanish attractions, go with local people! One of the nicest things in Spain is how Spaniards show their rich culture by telling stories and revealing curious facts in a spontaneous way.

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Top Attractions in Spain

  • The most known meeting point in Madrid is Puerta del Sol, if you are in this lively place, keep an eye on things because everything happens or starts here!
  • A cool thing about The Pyrenees mountains is that they separate Spain from the rest of Europe extending for almost 500 km. You can do any multi-activity tour such as rafting, climbing, trekking or canyoning.
  • The Muslim influence  is very strong as their presence in Spain is as long as almost 800 years. You can see an islamic splendour when checking out Alhambra Palace in Granada, one of the greatest wonders in the world.
  • In you are a Gaudí lover, you should definitely enjoy a sunny afternoon in Guell Park in Barcelona, you’ll love the beautiful nature, art and history mix!
  • Do you like windsurfing? Tarifa beaches are a must for you. You can find golden sand, perfect waves, good fish and laidback people.
  • .Check out the Courtyards Festival in Cordoba, you’ll see beautiful courtyards with decorative pebbles and pretty flowers.
  • If you're curious about Spanish architecture, you can discover one of the fanciest public squares in Seville - Plaza de España.
  • Hikers and pilgrims around the world do the Camino de Santiago, a spiritual route to the shrine of St. James(Santiago) in north-west part of the country, Galicia.



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Top Visited places in Spain

  • Everything happens in Puerta del Sol. It’s the most known and busiest place in Madrid. Famous people, protests and all kind of demonstration are common to stumble-upon. Locals eat 12 grapes during the last 12 seconds of the year on December 31.
  • The famous Sagrada Familia wasn’t originally designed by architect Gaudí. Wandering why it takes so longs to finish it? It only relies on private donations, that’s why!
  • Do you like Star Wars movies? Plaza de España is the setting where princess Amidala and Anakin Skywalker are walking around.