top5 What to See in Singapore

Singapore, the Lion City, is full of things to see! Be prepared to have a feast for your eyes when you check out the destinations on our list. Here are some of our top recommendations!

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Top Cool Tours in Singapur

Chinatown Like a Local Tour


€35.00 p.p.

Pasir Ris Nature Walking Tour


€26.00 p.p.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Oliver Geylang

Oral Adventures in Geylang

We only had a few days in Singapore and were originally hoping to do the 10 Tastings food tour. No one was available on the dates we had, so our plan B was Oral Adventures in Geylang.

It should have been our plan A from the beginning; this was a fascinating insight into an area of Singapore that we would never have visited.

Wanying had a rucksack full of information, print-outs and maps of Geylang. The food we ate wasn’t just a ‘stop-and-dine’ experience but was woven into a wider story about the area, the people and their lives. The intervals between eating weren’t merely an opportunity to move to the next restaurant but a tour of the local area.

Even while eating, the flow of conversation didn’t stop. Wanying talked in great detail and with such obvious passion for the area and the people living there that we could have gone on all night.

Although there was lots of information the evening didn’t feel like a tour but more like a conversation with a new friend. We left with a newfound appreciation for the people that have helped build, and continue to maintain, Singapore.

One aspect we really enjoyed is that this wasn’t a fixed menu but that we were asked what kind of things we’d like to have and where we weren’t sure, prompted to try her favourite dishes!

Our final stop of the night was so good. We finished the evening feeling as though we were having a meal and conversation with a new friend.

We are looking forward to coming back to Singapore and meeting up again!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Angie Elaine

Buddha Experience: Meditation, Monks & Food

I bought this tour for my MIL visiting Singapore as a birthday gift. She is spiritual and vegan so the perfect match for this tour.

It was one of the favourite highlights of her Singapore visit. Elaine was very insightful and shared great details of the history of Buddha and the temple. She shared her journey of meditation and provided good pointers to find the perfect balance. Followed by an amazing vegan lunch full of local favourites (too many to eat it all!).

Elaine was a great connection and really made this day special. Highly recommend as something unique and different.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Marina Elaine

Buddha Experience: Meditation, Monks & Food

This was one of the best experiences I had in Singapore! Elaine is incredible! She gave me very thorough introduction to the history of Buddhism, and professionally showed to me how to approach meditation. I was so excited, that I decided to make meditation my routine. I feel enriched by learning about Buddhism, and I feel absolutely amazed how meditation can change your life! And those experiences happened only because of Elaine , dedicated professional and beautiful human being! Thank you Elaine!

Sincerely, Marina Salman