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Travel in Singapore

Singapore is a big an busy city, but offers many ways of transportation. The traffic can be very busy, so if you plan to travel by car, make sure you have enough time to reach you destination. Other ways of traveling include the MRT and LRT, These trains form the main transport system of Singapore. Single trip tickets vary from 80 cents to 2.20 dollars. But you can also take a bus or taxi. Busses are clean, fast, and reach everywhere on the island. Prices vary from 90 cents to 1,80 dollars. Taxis are quite reliable in Singapore, however, due to traffic rules, they can at times be hard to find. Costs within the centre are around 10 dollars. A more exotic way of traveling is to take a Bumboat. These touristic boats sail the Singapore River and offer short journeys for approximately 3 dollars. But, one of the best ways to explore Singapore is on foot, the city has many pavements which are in good shape.

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Ways to travel in Singapore

  • Train
    There are several trains departing from Malaysia to Singapore daily, operating from the KTMB, Malayan Railways. Locations of departure are Kuala Lumpur, Gua Musang and Tumpat. If you buy your ticket in Malaysia, you will pay in ringgit, while in Singapore, you will pay in dollars.

  • Taxi
    You can actually enter Singapore by taxi. Take a taxi from Kotaraya in Malaysia to any location in Singapore (30 dollars) or to the Changi Airport (40 dollars). The other direction, from Singapore to Malaysia, you can only take licensed Singaporean taxis from Johor Taxi Service which are allowed to cross the border. Prices are 45 dollars for a one-way journey.

  • Road
    There are two connections between Malaysia and Singapore by road. The first one is called ‘Causeway’ and connects the north of Singapore with Johor Bahru. The second one is called ‘Second Link’and connects Tuas in Singapore with Tanjung Kupang in Johor. It is rather difficult to drive a car into Singapore as strict rules apply concerning car usage. It is no problem to drive a car into Malaysia, just bear in mind that you need to pay toll at the border.

  • Bus
    You can take busses to Malaysia from Tuas in Singapore. Bus companies include among others Aeroline and First Coach.

  • Boat
    There are several ferries that connect Singapore with the Indonesian Riau Islands and the Malaysian state of Johor. You will arrive at either the HarbourFront, Marina Bay Cruise Centre, Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal or the Changi Ferry Terminal in Singapore.



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