Travel options in Singapore

There are numerous options for travel in Singapore available to you, and the infrastructure in the country is advanced, safe and efficient. If you are coming here for a short trip, it is advised that you take public transport to get to your destination.

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Getting around Singapore


Your flight will probably arrive in Singapore’s Changi Airport, one of the best airports in the world. As Singapore is a small country, it is very easy to access the rest of the island via public transportation like trains and buses.


The train system in Singapore is called the MRT, or Mass Rapid Transit system. A core component of travel in Singapore, It is easy to understand and access. A detailed map of all the train stations and the lines connecting them can easily be found in every train station and online. Most of the landmarks in Singapore are within walking distance of an MRT station. It is also convenient for you to purchase a pass from one of the booths outside an MRT station. If you are in need of any help, a friendly officer at the control center located in every MRT station can help you to plot your route and resolve your difficulties with travel in Singapore.

Train breakdowns are extremely rare in Singapore and shuttle services will be provided in case one happens. The average waiting time for trains is less than 5 minutes in Singapore, so they are very fast indeed. New lines are being added to the network like the Downtown Line, so do check if they can get you to your destination faster.


Buses, like trains, are fast and convenient and an important part of Singapore travel. A quick search online can show you the specific routes of buses and the bus stops that they stop at. They are all air-conditioned and the network of buses span all across Singapore. Driving safely is the number one priority for buses in Singapore, so you can expect smooth, quick and accident-free rides.

Like trains, bus breakdowns are practically non-existent and it is perfectly safe to travel in Singapore by yourself even at night. They are all public services so you can expect to be riding with locals all the time. The average waiting time for buses is slower than trains at around 10 minutes per bus.

Top "moving around" experiences in Singapore

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€49.00 p.p.

Half Day Biking in the Heartlands


€53.00 p.p.

Kampong and Nature tour to Pulau Ubin


€39.00 p.p.

More ways of traveling around Singapore


If you need to get to your destination quickly, taxis are the way to go in Singapore. You can either hire a taxi off the streets or use an app like Uber or Grab to hire a driver to bring you to your destination. Average waiting time for such rides is close to 6 minutes. You can be rest assured that the drivers in Singapore follow the rules of the road and obey traffic signals, and it is very rare to hear of drivers cheating their customers of money by taking longer routes or driving in circles.

Private Car

While it is possible for you to rent a car in Singapore provided you have an international driver’s license, it is not recommended for short trips since the public transport is already efficient and cheap enough. Furthermore, cars on Singapore drive on the left hand side of the road so you may not be used to it if you drive on the right hand side in your home country.

Regardless, there are several car companies in Singapore whom you can try your luck with such as Avis and Do remember to follow traffic rules as you travel in Singapore!


Bicycle rentals in Singapore have become increasingly common and convenient. Apart from renting one at a kiosk, you can also use an app like oBike or Mobike to rent one cheaply. You can find these bikes very easily at any residential or retail location and they are a breeze to use.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Alfredo Sally

Meet my Family: Dinner with Us

I had a great experience with Sally and her family. Dinner was really good and Sally and her husband are very konwledgeable people and easy to talk. If you want real Singaporean life, that is the experience I tecommend.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Tristan Peter

Private Toy Tour & Workshop

I had initially thought Peter’s Toy Experience was a trip to various well-known stores with huge collection of toys around Singapore. Boy, was I wrong. Peter, having been brought up in another generation where toys were made from simple, daily life items such as marbles, feathers, papers, and bottle caps, explained the history of toys through props and activity that are children friendly like folding various types of paper planes in MINT Museum of Toys (What better place to learn toy history than here?). The tour will end at the Tintin Shop located in Chinatown with a bit of history on the cartoonist, Georges Remi and the main characters of The Adventures of Tintin. If you are toy aficionado, a kid at heart or simply looking for something that is children-friendly, look no further!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Tomas Kirit

A customized trip with Kirit

What an amazing dinner we had with Kirit and his family. Cozy atmosphere and stories around food. Kirit's dad made a special potato dish just for me. Thank you so much for the evening!!