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Private Tours and Activities in Singapore

The densely populated island of Singapore can be a place in which you can lose yourself easily. With over 5 million inhabitants, and just over half of them being born locally, it is a place with many faces. Where to start? How do you explore this great city in a way you get the most out of your stay? How about trying a private tour led by a local guide. These friendly individuals are more than happy to take you by the hand and provide the personal context behind the sights you are seeing during the tour. Whether you like shopping , submerging yourself in the city nightlife, or enjoy the more sophisticated cultural spots, there’s always a local willing to guide you through the experience and personalize the tour to suit your needs.

If you wish to explore the real and unique Singapore and taste authentic food, check out these awesome local activities.

  • Unique Discovery of Buddha's Tooth and Vegetarian Lunch
  • Bike tours - Non-tourist spots!
  • Have homecooked meal with Singaporean family
  • Delicious Veggie World Food
  • Have homecooked meal with Singaporean family
  • Meet our Family: Dinner with Us
  • The Oral Geylang Experience.
  • Understand your body with Chinese Medicine
  • Delicious Veggie World Food
  • Its all about Crabs! (Chilli or Butter)
  • Veggie World Cooking Workshop
  • Secret tour of Nirvana
  • Gopi's Khazana: Homely Vegetarian Delicacies
  • Gopi's Khazana: Homely Vegetarian Delicacies
  • Vegetarian Cooking, learning and sharing....

Habits in Singapore

Singaporean habits cannot really be pinned down as being united. Each cultural group in Singapore has their own language, such as English, Chinese or Indian, and subsequently, their own customs. Concerning religion, it can be said that Buddhism is the largest religion in Singapore, followed by Christianity, Atheism, Islam, Taoism and Hinduism.

Fun facts

  • In Singapore, people drive on the left. This is the result of English colonial influence in the past.
  • Because of its small size, car prices are incredibly high in Singapore. Only 1 in 10 people owns a car.
  • It is argued that shopping and eating are the two main daytime activities of Singaporeans.
  • Singapore is a real shopping paradise, with a great amount of different shops all covering expensive designer clothing.
  • Singlish is spoken all over Singapore, and is a mix between English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.



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Language in Singapore

Several languages are spoken in Singapore, such as English, Chinese, Indian and local dialects such as different versions of Chinese. However, the term ‘Singlish’ is what best describes the Singaporean language, a casual mix of English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

Check out some of the Singlish expressions below:

Kayu Stupid
Shiok Amazing
Ulu Empty, as in ‘this place is completely ulu’
Ya Ya Arrogant
On the ball Hardworking
Boh-chup I can’t care less
Catch no ball I don’t understand
Kaki Friend/buddy
Wake up your idea Stop dreaming