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Travel in Portugal

Visiting new places is always a very exciting experience. Meeting new people, trying varied cuisines, soaking up different cultures – all these make for a highly rewarding time. Throw Portugal into the equation and you are guaranteed a holiday that is all at once dreamy, entertaining, enriching and fun. But do not take our word for it; you must embark on the journey and see for yourself how breathtaking the Portuguese landscape is, how pristine its beaches are, how intricate its architecture is and how mouthwatering the food is.

Portugal has a lot in store for the tourist in you. As such, you must be ready to get around the country not just to explore but to grab the opportunity to savor its many wonders. Fortunately, getting around in Portugal is generally hassle-free, since this European destination is not a very big country and because it offers a lot of transportation options.

Top experiences to get around Portugal

Scenic Vespa Journey Around Lisbon!


€80.00 p.p.

Sintra Tram Ride & Monserrate Palace


€70.00 p.p.

Lisbon's Kickstart Tour with a Local



€7.50 p.p.

How to Get Around in Portugal

If you wish to drink up the surroundings, then going by foot or bicycle should be your main travel option. The country has lush and scenic landscapes that can only be fully enjoyed the old-fashioned way. Whether you rent a car or take public transportation, you will still be walking as some places can only be reached on foot.

Renting a car is one of the ways by which you can go exploring Portugal’s marvels. However, you must be prepared to drive defensively. Portuguese drivers like to tail, overtake and turn out of side streets without warning. You must also know that Portugal roads are not maintained properly – some are narrow, winding, and poorly lit at night – so road safety can be a concern, especially if you come from country that has left-hand drive vehicles.

Alternatively, you can take taxi services to get around Portugal. However, be wary of rip-offs by settling with the driver how much the trip would cost you before getting in the car.

You can also make use of the following public transportation options:

  • Metro/subway station. The Lisbon metro operates in four lines and connects the rail and ferry services, while the metro in Porto operates two lines.
  • Trams. Called Eléctrico by the Portuguese, trams operate within the country’s major cities, allowing for sightseeing as you head for your intended destination.
  • Trains. You can go around Portugal by rail as well, as there is a network of regional, inter-regional and suburban trains that connect Portugal’s main cities.
  • Bus. You can also travel by bus, as coaches from different operators abound the country.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Rachel Lisbon

Flavors of Lisbon: Wine & Tapas Tour

Mario was an amazing host for our first night in Lisbon! He is extremely knowledgeable about the history of the city and country as a whole. We laughed almost the whole night! He took us to some beautiful places where we got to experience unforgettable things. He even went the extra mile and answered questions for us after the tour which helped us plan the remainder of our vacation. Thank you Mario!!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Silvina (replacing Leeander) Lisbon

Lisbon's Favorite Food Tour: the 10 Tastings

I arranged a last minute booking with Camila for 9 people who were in Lisbon on a work trip.

Firstly, she was very helpful with ALL my questions that I had about the booking process as I could not do it directly online due to the number of people involved. She was always quick to respond to questions.

She also then got confirmation very quickly that the booking could happen as we were requesting a late start time as my colleagues were attending an all day meeting.

The feedback from all of them was that it was a wonderful experience and that Camila was a very knowledgeable host, and the food was wonderful.

They have all ask for details about this and will definitely be advising friends of the experience.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Steven Lisbon

Lisbon's Favorite Food Tour: the 10 Tastings

We really enjoyed our 3 hours with Camila, so knowledgeable about the city of Lisbon and its history, culture and traditions. The food stops were perfect, offering us an insight into parts of the city we would never have found otherwise. Highly recommended!

Going VIP in Portugal

If you want to travel Portugal in style, you can do so through a cruise ship that begins at the Douro River. Be enthralled by the sights: terraced vineyards, intricately designed castles, charming town squares and historic structures like mansions and churches. From here you can proceed touring Lisbon and other prominent Portugal cities.

Similarly, there are companies that offer VIP chauffer services so you can get around Portugal using first class transportation. Go sightseeing, shopping and traveling without the hassle of taking public transportation and relax while your friendly chauffer takes you to various Portuguese landmarks you would surely enjoy.