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Portuguese Cuisine

The food of Portugal is an eclectic mix of cuisines – Mediterranean, African, Brazilian and Atlantic. Being a coastal country, Portugal is famous not just for bacalhau – dried and salted codfish and the numerous recipes it is cooked with – but also for its octopus, sea bass, salmon, trout and mackerel. If you are not too crazy for seafood, don't worry! – the Portuguese love meat and game too, and serve them in a variety of ways you never would have thought possible. Garden-fresh vegetables cooked in soups like Caldo Verde and casseroles like Feijoada Trasmontana are also a staple on the dining table, as are local cheeses like Queijo do Alentejo and Serra. And don’t get us started with the pastries – we might not stop rambling on and on about how the Portuguese have perfected desserts to satisfy everybodies sweet tooth. Trust us, the pastel de nata is a must-have.

Portugal locals believe that the way to truly know and appreciate their country is through the stomach, and who could give you a better Portuguese food experience than locals themselves? They will not only explain what you are about to eat; they will also share the culture behind the food and keep the mealtime conversation light, interesting and fun – giving you a truly authentic Portuguese cuisine experience

Top home dinners in Portugal

Pasteis de Nata Workshop + home dinner


€26.00 p.p.

Try the authentic Porto's food!


€30.00 p.p.

90 Minutes Kickstart Tour of Lisbon



€9.00 p.p.

Top 10 Restaurants in Portugal

  • If you want traditional Algarve fare, head to Casinha do Petisco in Lagos. Don’t miss the house specialty Catapalana, steamed clams with tomato, potato, chouriço sausage and pork. The place isn’t too big, which adds to its distinct charm.
  • Feast in freshly caught seafood and a wonderful selection of wines while taking in a fantastic view of the coast in O Sítio do Rio in Aljezur.
  • If you like surprises, head to Restaurante Ora Viva in Porto, a place frequented by locals, and be amazed by how authentic the dishes are and how friendly and charming the staff are.
  • Want fantastic food in a fabulous location? Head to Leiria and look for Malagueta Afrodisiaca, a restaurant with a contemporary vibe, and boasts of a menu that offers a fusion of Mediterranean, Asian, Latin American and Scandinavian cuisines.
  • If you’re in Evora, never pass up the opportunity to sample amazing food from B.L. Lounge. End it with the perfect chocolate cake by head chef Lucia, who co-owns the restaurant with husband Antonio Bravo.
  • Feel like a local as you dine in Restaurant A Taberna in Coimbra, a restaurant that serves the best of Portuguese cuisine cooked home-style. We highly recommend their chocolate crepe, cod with potatoes and octopus vinaigrette.
  • Don’t let Horta dos Brunos’ size fool you. Located in a plain neighborhood in Lisbon, this gem of a restaurant has no menu – you get to choose from the day’s dishes based on what the chef has found from the market.
  • If it’s bacalhau you want, then it’s bacalhau you get in Zé Da Calçada in Amarante. Aside from the codfish coocked in many ways, you also get to order chicken, lamb, veal, and homemade pastries.
  • If you like meat, cheese and sauce combined, then you must try francesinha, and there is no better place to enjoy it than in Taberna Belga in Braga, which also serves the best beers.
  • Go gourmet in Lisbon with Tasca da Esquina’s menu of seafood dishes that will send you to great gastronomic heights. Gourmet food, friendly staff and laid-back ambience – you’ve got nothing more to ask for.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Sherryl Joao

Cool Street Art Tour in Porto

João provided a window into another world within big cities of the world. This was such an interesting experience to look in all the city nooks and explore the who and why behind these graffiti and various art forms. I’ll always view the core of big cities in a different, more engaged way now. Love Porto!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Ann Duarte

See Porto Through an Architect Eyes

Duarte was a thoughtful and well-informed tour guide and chose the agenda carefully
We especially appreciated being taken to places that were off the tourist track
Duarte was also very generous with suggestions about other places that we should visit during our stay

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Peigi Joao

Cool Street Art Tour in Porto

A huge thank you for Joao. I went with my whole family for my Dads 60th Birthday and he was sooo good. My parents were never really interested in Grafitti before and now they love it! It's a great idea to do it at the beginning of your stay in Porto so that you can recognise all the artists as you walk around it! Thanks so much!!!

Dining Out Like a Local in Portugal

  • Generally, you can determine the authenticity of the restaurant by its menu: if it has pictures, you need to leave immediately and avoid the tourist trap.
  • The Portuguese frown upon eating with bare hands, so eat with a knife and fork as much as possible.
  • Don’t eat anything you didn’t order. Salad, bread, or even a small dish of olives are not complimentary items, but are merely placed on your table for convenience – if you eat them, you pay for them. Avoid paying extra by sending them back immediately.