Travel options in Porto

So you’ve planned out your itinerary and are eager to finally check some of those attractions in Porto off your travel bucket list. Well, first step is getting there! Traveling in Porto is quite easy, and the options are pretty accessible, check them out below!

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Getting Around in Porto

  • Public transportation would allow you to move around and see as much as you can, as most places of interest are accessible through the metro system. If you will be doing a lot of roving, it would be helpful to get a Porto card or Andante card from a ticket machine or the ticket office. This card will give you unlimited trips and discounts on various tourist attractions.
  • Porto’s bus service is another way of getting around the city. You can also use your Andante card for unlimited trips on the bus. If you have data on your smartphone, you can easily locate buses and metro stations which are both integrated with Google maps.
  • You can also ride the funicular system, which connects Ribeira and Batalha. Like the metro and bus systems, you can also use your Andante card for the funicular.
  • Another form of public transportation is the tram, or electric cars that travel from Douro to Foz or around the city center.
  • There is also an abundance of taxis in the city, but they are a more expensive way of getting around compared to the bus, the metro or the funicular. However, taxis are very convenient and very efficient especially for airport transfers. If you will be riding a taxi, make sure to always ask for a receipt upon payment.
  • If you wish to drive a car because you do not want to be transferring from one station to another or waiting for bus schedules, you can find many establishments that offer right hand drive cars for rent. However, driving in Porto can be challenging due to its narrow and twisting streets.
  • There are also bike rentals that cater to tourists who want to discover Porto. However there are only two cycle paths in the city – from Luis I Bridge to Matosinhos, and between the City Park and the river.

Top day trips in Porto

Guimarães & the Origin of Portugal - Day Trip Experience


€41.00 p.p.

Day Trip Through the Enchanting Douro Valley



€99.00 p.p.

Cool Day Trip to Porto's Secret Paradise


€22.00 p.p.

Experiencing Porto in Style

  • Go sightseeing as you travel down the Douro River aboard a river cruise ship. Take pictures and breathe in the sights, sounds and smells of the city along its historical town beaches.
  • Have the most breathtaking five minutes of your life as you go on the Teleférico de Gaia cable car. Watch the captivating Douro River and the red rustic roofs of Gaia’s wine cellars as you descend from the top of the Dom Luis bridge to the Vila Nova de Gaia waterfront.
  • If you want to take pictures of the Ribeira but are not sure your feet and legs can take it, you can join the Porto Segway Tour. Here you would be able to go around on the Segway, an electric scooter for pedestrian areas and stop and admire different buildings and structures.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
William Joao

Cool Street Art Tour in Porto

Joao was so great! He enthusiastically shared his intimate knowledge of the street art in Porto. It was the first thing we did and it was a great way to see the city. Would highly recommend.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Marina André

The Best Views in Porto - Photo Tour

We had a great tour with Andre. He is a very passionate guide who loves his City. He showed us a very old part of the town that usually unknown to tourists. Also he showed us places from where we could take great pictures. We can highly recommend him to anyone who knows how to take pictures and needs suggestions from where to take them in Porto.
Thank you Andre!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Sandra Teresa

Make Your Own Traditional Porto Tile

Azulejos are everywhere in Portugal! Great experience making one! This is the perfect way to learn a little bit about the history and process of the tiles you see in portugal. Gives you a newfound respect as you walk the city. Teresa was a great teacher <3.