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Restaurants in Porto

If there is a group of people who positively, definitely and absolutely love their food, then it would be the Portuguese. No wonder author Robert Wilson said “The quickest way to get trampled to death is to come between the Portuguese and their lunch.” in his book A Small Death in Lisbon. Food plays an important part in the lives and the culture of the Portuguese people, and although various regions of Portugal have their respective specialties, all locals share the same passion for traditional dishes made from simple ingredients.

Portuguese food is typically calorie-laden, as most of the dishes are either made of meat or seafood. One thing that needs to be said about the people of Portugal is that they do not like wasting their food, especially from the sources they themselves have raised, so it is not unusual to include offal and body parts like chicken blood, pig ears or beef tripe. Consider this a warning, especially if you have a weak stomach.

That said, traditional dishes are a must-have. If you want to have a truly authentic experience of food, especially in Porto, then you need a local to steer you to the right direction as you look for eateries and restaurants that serve the dishes you should sample. Better yet, your local host will not just cook for you but will also share with you Porto’s culture.

Top home dinners in Porto

Authentic Porto Food: Home Dinner Experience


€30.00 p.p.

Off the Beaten Track: Urban Porto



€7.50 p.p.

Day Trip Through the Enchanting Douro Valley



€99.00 p.p.

Top Off-the-Beaten-Path Restaurants in Porto

  • Have a Terylene sandwich, Porto’s version of Slow Food, in Flor dos Congregados, one of the oldest restaurants in Porto.
  • From the São Bento Station, walk to Adega Vila Meã and sample its various delightful offerings of traditional dishes, one of which is the Cozido à Portuguesa, or Portuguese stew.
  • Have the best codfish pataniscas (codfish fritters) in the whole of Porto in Taberna Santo António, and finish it off with a chocolate mousse and a glass of aguardente.
  • Every Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm, you can enjoy Tasca da Piedade’s petiscos, bifanas and iscas de bacalhau as fado singers serenade you with traditional Portuguese music.
  • Have your fill of the best octopus salad in Adega Quim, a small restaurant that has been serving petiscos and panados for more than 50 years now.
  • Fancy a sandwich? Head to Conga(Casa das Bifanas) in Rua do Bonjardim and order a bifana, pork meat with deliciously spicy sauce.
  • If you want a great tasting octopus dish, go to Casa Aleixo in front of the Campanhã train station and ask for their octopus fillets.
  • Rei dos Galos de Amarante offers Arroz de Cabidela – stewed chicken with vinegar and chicken blood – which is prepared with chicken bred by the owners themselves in a farm 60km away from Porto, which is why you need to call two days in advance just so you could eat this lovely dish.
  • Casa Nanda offers traditional Portuguese fare, including rojões, tender and juicy fried pork belly cubes with fried potatoes and pickles.
  • If you like cheese and wine, Taberna do Largo is the place to be. Another must-try is their muxama, smoked tuna that comes with tomato jam and scrambled eggs.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Walter Joao

Cool Street Art Tour in Porto

Thanks a lot Joao! The girls had a great time with you and they kept talking about it afterwards. They want to start doing street art here in Switzerland now! :)

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Brent André

Discover Medieval Porto with a Passionate Historian

We booked a walking tour of Porto that was about 3 hours and we were able to cover some of the most interesting spots in the city center with a particular focus on the history, azulejos and the beautiful non-tourist streets highlighting the uniqueness of the city. Since we were here in the off season we were lucky enough to also book a full day tour of the Douro River Valley. Handling transportation, booking tastings and the river cruise made this an incredible adventure we'll never forget. We had such an enjoyable day and loved having Andre provide such a wealth of interesting information throughout. We would highly recommend to anyone to book a tour. Thanks so much for being open to tailoring the tours to our tastes as I can tell this is a goal for all your tours. Excellent and wonderful!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Gail André

The Best Views in Porto - Photo Tour

Andre first took us on a walking photography tour of Porto. Then we discovered that he also did drive tours to the Douro valley, so we booked him for the next day.
Andre is knowledgeable, flexible and very responsive to the interests of the tour members.
I highly recommend him. We felt safe with him and well looked after.

Must-try Porto Specialties

  • Francesinha- Different meats sandwiched between two thick bread slices, covered in melted cheese and a spicy sauce.
  • Bacalhau- The country staple food which is served in hundreds of ways.
  • Bolo de Arroz- Small round cakes made of rice flour.
  • Café cortado- Espresso with a little steamed milk.
  • Pastel de nata- Egg tart pastries famous all over Portugal.
  • Petiscos- Portuguese tapas or small dishes that go great with wine.