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Holidays in Porto

Porto follows the same public holidays as Lisbon, and in general as every city and district in Portugal. Many of these holidays coincide with religious festivities throughout the year.

On every holiday in Porto, banks, offices and government departments are closed for the day. Small shops and businesses often close their doors as well, but malls, supermarkets, and other bigger shops remain open but with early closing times. As for public transportation, expect reduced bus routes, a decrease in number of taxis, and earlier closing time for trams and the Metro. To be sure, always get in touch with your local host and they will let you know the best routes and tips to enjoy the holidays in Porto.

Things to do during the holidays in Porto

For the Love of Tiles Tour: History & Details


€15.00 p.p.

From Porto to Gaia: Private Bike Tour


€33.00 p.p.

Off the Beaten Track: Urban Porto



€7.50 p.p.

National Holidays in Lisbon

  • January- Porto locals spend New Year’s Eve with their families by having a sumptuous dinner of traditional Portuguese food like cod, octopus, caldo verde and various desserts. Others flock to bars and restaurants to bid the old year goodbye and welcome the coming year. On New Year’s Day, expect establishments to be closed.
  • March/April- Holy Week is a big event, with religious processions happening here and there. The Easter weekend is religiously observed so very few shops are open and transportation is minimal.
  • April- The 25th of April is a highly celebrated event with parades and fireworks displays, as locals commemorate the uprising of the Portuguese from a political regime that controlled them for almost 50 years.
  • May- The first of May marks May Day or Labor Day, a day of rest. Since it is a celebration of workers, most establishments are closed in observation of this holiday. Some locals go out in the streets and hold rallies and protestations about different political issues.
  • June- Every year, on June 10, the Portuguese commemorate the death of Luís de Camões, Portugal’s national literary figure. Locals celebrate Dia de Portugal or Portuguese National Day with their families and friends, reflecting about their history over food, wine and music.
  • August- Like the rest of Portugal, Porto celebrates Assumption Day every August 15 with processions, street festivals, parades and lots of food and wine. The celebration ends with fireworks displays in the evening. Most establishments are closed during this day, to give way to employees who want to take part in the festivities.
  • November- The first day of November is when locals celebrate All Souls day or Dia de Finados. Families flock to cemeteries to spend the day and night with their dearly departed, laying flowers on their graves. Some local cemeteries hold masses and processions.
  • December- Another one of the most important Portuguese holidays is the Feast of the Immaculate Concepcion or Imaculada Conceição every 8th of the month. In this holiday, locals celebrate their belief in the pureness of Mary the Mother of God through Masses and processions throughout the day, which is why shops, museums and offices are also closed. On December 24, everybody in Portugal celebrates Christmas Eve or Véspera de Natal by attending the midnight mass and then partaking of a big feast featuring traditional dishes. December 25 is Christmas Day, a day for visiting friends and family since most shops are closed this day. Like the rest of the world, Portugal spends New Year’s Eve or Noite de Ano Novo with a bang through fireworks and other noise making methods like banging pots and pans.

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Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Richard Helena

Classic Francesinha Cooking Class with Secret Recipe

Lovely evening unlocking the secret of a great Francesinha. Thanks also for your kind support when Uber let us down. Hope to see you if you make it to Brighton

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Katie Teresa

Make Your Own Traditional Porto Tile

We had a lovely time in the studio and enjoyed creating tiles with Teresa, who was so kind despite our having gotten a little lost on the way there and showing up late (oops, our bad). We look forward to receiving our tiles in the mail!

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Gitana Patricia

A customized trip with Patricia

We were very happy to meet patricia with her husband and son at their house. She made amazing food, my girls had a chance to make pasteis de nata together and we got a recipe in the end :-). A couple of hours went quick enjoying the food a nice company.
Thank you !