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Holidays in Lisbon

As the capital city of Portugal, Lisbon follows the public holidays in the country. Many of these holidays coincide with religious festivities throughout the year. However, Lisbon has no national holidays for the three popular saints – St. Anthony, St. John and St. Peter. Instead, the celebrations are combined into one huge weeklong party.

On every holiday in Lisbon, banks, offices and government departments are closed for the day. Small shops and businesses often close their doors as well, but malls, supermarkets, and other bigger shops remain open but with early closing times. As for public transportation, expect reduced bus routes, a decrease in number of taxis, and earlier closing time for trams and the Metro. To be sure, always get in touch with your local host and they will let you know the best routes and tips to enjoy the holidays in Lisbon.

Many of Lisbon’s holidays begin with processions, followed by a mass, and ends with city-wide parties, but they don’t cause that much problem to the regular tourist, since all programs are scheduled weeks before. The only holiday that shuts the whole city down is Mardi Gras, but both locals and tourists alike flock to the center of Lisbon to witness the floats, vibrant costumes, and lively music, even participating with their own masks throughout the day.

Things to do during the holidays in Lisbon

Petiscos Tapas & Portuguese Fado Tour


€30.00 p.p.

Basic travel photography tips+ photo session


€45.00 p.p.

Lisbon's Favourites and Hidden Gems Tour



€24.00 p.p.

National Holidays in Lisbon

  • January – Lisbon’s annual holiday calendar begins with a bang for New Year’s Day. While the city is generally quiet during the first day of the year, The Barrio Alto streets, for instance, are more lively than usual during NYE.
  • February – Lisboetas take a day off from school or work on Mardi Gras or the last day of Carnival. The city does not have carnival celebrations but parades are held at Alfama, Castelo and Mouraria neighborhoods. Lisbon only had its first carnival on February 17, 2015. Another carnival you might like to check out is at Torres Vedras, about 50km awar from the city centre.
  • March – As a city with over 90% of its people born into Catholic faith, Lisbon observes Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Unlike other countries, Easter isn’t just about bunnies and egg-hunts. Lisboetas follow age-old traditions, eating folar (sweet bread) and codfish instead of meat during Good Friday, and roast lamb for Easter Sunday.
  • April – Liberation Day, a day in honor of Lisbon’s 1974 revolution, takes place on April 25.
  • May – Every 1st of May, Lisbon celebrates Labour Day (Dia do Trabalhador), wherein labor and communist marches. On May 22, Corpus Christi (Corpo de Deus) is observed with processions and a mass.
  • June – The month of June is always filled with festivals, so expect a very vibrant city if you visit sometime this month. Lisbon celebrates National Day on June 10th with the rest of Portugal cities all throughout the country. Lisbon then begins its month-long festivities starting with St. Anthony Day on June 13.
  • August – The Fest of the Assumption, held August 15, is another religious holiday. Many locals spend their time off from work or school with a beach day-out.
  • October – On October 5, the entire Portugal remembers the founding of the Republic in 1910.
  • November – Nothing much happens during All Saints Day (Festa de Todossos Santos) on November 1st, but locals use this holiday to rest after spending the night at cemeteries, or after a night-long drinking and mingling at the Lisbon party districts.
  • December – The Restoration Day, held on the 1st of December, celebrates the restoration of the Portuguese royal family in 1640. Another important religious holiday is held on December 8 – the Immaculate Conception (Imaculada Conceição). On Christmas Day (December 25), many shops and public transportation are closed for the day.

This is what guests are saying about our hosts

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Tanya Lisbon

Lisbon's Favourites and Hidden Gems Tour

If you have any travel aspirations please, please go to Lisbon!
There are many places that I keep close to my heart and there will be many others, but Lisbon is unforgettable and Hidden Gems tour with Jorge is too!
We did do plenty of touristy things and had pretty exciting itinerary. But the most memorable colorful experiences were people that we met in Lisbon ...
From Uber drivers - azulejo artist - restaurant waiters - store clerks - wonderful chef - fish market people - cooking academy chef's boyfriend, who didn't have to drive me in pouring rain, but did - Isaura, old lady, who sells homemade Ginjinha liquor shots around the corner from our AirBnb - a couple from NYC that lived next door - grandfathers watching TV in their apartments with open doors in Alfama - Fado singers and guitarists - people on the streets - a couple from Paris that we shared Ginjinha with ......and many more...

But the one special person I want to share about is our Lisbon guides, whose passion, love, excitement and vast knowledge about his country and deep culture were undeniably enjoyable and appreciated. From the rainy moment he met our rowdy and eager to explore bunch, he, I am sure, could not imagine that the four hour tour will be an almost whole day affair with Lisbon and six very different friends.
Jorge made us feel and live Portugal. We are grateful to you for your patience, professionalism and the love we felt being with you on the streets of Lisbon exploring hidden gems and ourselves.
Hope to see you soon, introduce my family to you and experience again your beautiful city and country with them. Tanya

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Aukje Ana Paula

Lisbon's Hills with a Local

Zondag 15 april zijn wij met Ana Paula door Lissabon gewandeld. Het weer was niet geweldig ( regen ) maar dat weerhield ons niet. Het was een super leerzame tocht. Wat weet Ana veel van de geschiedenis. En erg gezellig.

Withlocals guest
Withlocals host
Becky Lisbon

Lisbon Food Tour: The 10 Tastings

We had a great time with Luis seeing the different neighborhoods in Lisbon and sampling different types of food. He also taught us a lot of the history of Lisbon. Luis was very accommodating . My husband and I do not eat pork and he made sure we got to sample other local favorites though pork is in so many dishes. I highly recommend a tour with Luis.