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Airports in Portugal

Though small, Portugal is a colorful country with a vibrant culture, a rich history and unparalleled natural beauty. Equally amazing is the variety of activities you can do while you are in Portugal, as its provinces present a variety of events to enjoy and take part in. A popular tourist destination, Portugal has many airports that allow local and international flights to and from the country. No matter which airport you will land in, you will appreciate having a guided airport transfer to bring you from the airport to your next destination, be it your hotel, the city center or some other place you wish to visit first.

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Airports in Portugal

  • Faro Airfield, also known as Algarve Airport, is located south of Portugal and is the sole airport in the area. Mainly used from March to October – the peak summer months – Algarve Airport welcomes more than five million travelers every year. The airport is very close to Faro City and is very easy to reach by Taxi or bus.
  • Considered as the most dangerous airport in Europe, the Funchal Airport in Madeira boasts of a great view of the Atlantic Ocean. Funchal landing is very challenging and tricky, so if you are easily scared, we suggest a different airport. Getting to and from the airport is very easy; there are public buses, Taxis and the Aerobus.
  • Located in Faial Island, the Horta Airport serves to connect different smaller ports interspersed in the outlying islands. It is considered as Europe’s third best airport, with more than 190,000 passengers every year. Approximately six miles from the city, Horta Airport is accessible by rental cars, shuttle buses and taxicabs.
  • One of the biggest airports in the southern part of Europe, Portela Airport is strategically located seven kilometers north of Lisbon, the country’s capital. The airport features many duty free shops, restaurants and even baby care facilities, making passengers’ stay as comfortable as possible. You can reach Portela by bus or Taxi.
  • Located some six miles from Porto’s city center, the Francisco de Sa Carneiro Airport is the third busiest Portuguese airport after the Algarve and Portela Airports. It boasts of a terminal building with three levels, each level offering different features like baggage claim, shopping area and the departure area. Because it is located in the center of Porto, it is accessible even by public transportation.
  • Serving more than a million passengers every year, the Ponta Delgada Joao Paulo II Airport in the Azores handles not only domestic but also international and intercontinental flights. It is widely known for its murals and art installations that show the history of aviation, flowers, volcanoes and even jungle scenes. Getting to and from the airport is hassle-free, as it is accessible through both public and private transportation.
  • The Porto Santo Airport offers seven destinations for the months of June to September, and is mainly used for summer vacationers. In winter, the airport offers flights to Lisbon and Madeira. Though public transportation is not offered, you can take a Taxi to and from the airport.
  • Located eight kilometers from Madalena, the Pico Airport initially began in 1976 as a runway 1,200 meters long. As the demand increased, it was extended and now handles flights to and from Lisbon.



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Airport Transportation in Portugal

Ways of getting to and from the various Portuguese airports vary, based on the airport location. While it is easy to arrange transportation from the airport to your hotel through the Internet, you might want to save yourself the trouble of dealing online by having one of Withlocal agents arrange airport transportation for you. Just book a guided airport pick-up with us, and you do not have to worry about anything else; you can focus on looking forward to the good time you will have on your Portuguese holiday.