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Adventures and misadventures are always parts of the romance of traveling. A real traveler opens his heart to the beauty of a place but is more accommodating to its imperfections. The Philippines is like a real woman: beautiful but has her own set of imperfections. Manila, the capital city of the country, for example is beautiful in some parts but can be really rough in some. During rush hours, it can be crowded and chaotic. While during the monsoon days, the streets can be flooded. But perhaps this is the real charm of many places—at the heart of any rough edges is a real gem waiting to be discovered.

Fortunately, most of the major highways in the country are well-maintained. In most cities, the locals ride public jeepneys and taxis since trains are only available in central Manila. Traveling to the province from the city often requires a public bus or a private vehicle. To reach some hard-to-find marvels sometimes needs a habal-habal ride or your own two foot.

But as you may know, traveling off-the-beaten track often involves some bumpy rides once in a while. The roads can be as interesting as the rides themselves.

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Local ways of transportation in the Philippines

  • Archipelagic the Philippines is, it has many local ways of transport, depending on the island you are in. For inter-island destinations, it is either you travel by plane or endure long ship rides.
  • For relatively short island hopping activities, the most accessible are the outriggers called bangka, pumpboats, or sakayan (Well, it really depends where you are in the Philippines).
  • In the city and major towns, the most popular way to travel is by jeepneys. The Filipinos transformed the military jeepney left by the Americans in WWII and used it as the main transport.
  • Trains are only available in central Manila.
  • For those who want to avoid the oftentimes crowded jeepneys, there are always taxis scattered all over the city. Taxi’s flag down rate is P40.00 ($1) and every 300 meter is just a nickel.
  • For those traveling outside the city, public buses—both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned—leave the terminals on scheduled time.
  • For the adventurous and young at heart, there is always habal-habal—a passenger motorbike that are normally used for smaller dirt roads.
  • The fare greatly depends on your destination, but public transportation in the Philippines is crazy cheap.



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Luxurious ways of transportation in the Philippines

Pamper yourself with a sophisticated cruise along bays and seas while sipping your cold four seasons. For a totally premium and exclusive relaxation, rent private yachts and savor the sunset along Manila Bay. For that feel of royalty, luxurious wheels like limousine can be rented in Manila. Having private drivers and rides can be arranged in major cities all over the country. In a country known for its hospitality, VIP treatment is already part of the deal.