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Things to do in the Philippines

There are activities as many as the islands dotting this beautiful archipelago in the Pacific. In a nut shell, whenever you are in the Philippines, you must know its people, discover its hidden secrets and marvels, wander off the beaten track, and understand its culture and traditions. Here in the Philippines, every destination is a place to discover. Trekking the uplands, understanding histories behind famous sites, snorkeling rich marine sanctuaries, visiting remote beaches, screaming at the top of your lungs with the long ziplines, going banana with banana rides, parasailing to your heart’s content, eating exotic food like balut, exploring the culture through their cuisine are just tip of the iceberg of the thousands of things that you must do while in the Philippines.

  • Cebu Mountain Bike Adventure
  • Swim & Picnic at Estrella Falls
  • A Learning banca ride Bujo River Eco-Tour
  • Food Trip Through Ancient Town
  • Authentic Cuyunon Cuisine
  • 2-Day Camotes Island Bike Tour
  • Island Tour Guide with SUV car.
  • Authentic Cuyunon Cuisine
  • 2-Day Ultimate Extreme Adventure Tour
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Eat, Sleep, Dive Bohol escapade.
  • 2-Day Camotes Island Bike Tour
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Experience good food in Batangas

Habits in Philippines

  • At home, some Filipinos eat with their bare hands.
  • In Luzon, tailing the sentences with “po” such as “Excuse me po". Thank you "po” and using “opo” instead of “yes” are signs of respect.
  • Bringing the back of an elderly’s hand to your forehead is a sign of respect especially during nighttime.
  • Footwear is usually left outside the door, but out of hospitability, the house owner can ask the visitors to wear them inside the house.

  • Locals drinking by the road sometimes offer a new face a glass of local wine or beer as a gesture of friendship and camaraderie.
  • Filipinos are shy to have the last piece of food, so usually there is a piece left on the serving plate.
  • The Filipinos sometimes have the habit of pointing directions with their pouting lips.
  • Laidback by nature, Filipinos think that when you say we meet at 7 in the morning, it is all right to arrive at 7:30 or 8.



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Fun facts about Philippines

  • The Philippines is the only Christian country in Asia.
  • It is the only country that you can tell if it is at war or at peace with its flag—if the blue color is on the top, everything is peaceful; if it is red, the country is at war.
  • Aside from being Selfiest Cities of the World, the Philippines is also crowned as the text capital of the world.
  • Everytime Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao—the boxing champ—has a fight, it is expected to have fewer crimes, fewer road accidents, and no traffic jams.

  • Filipinos love karaoke and blurt out sad ballads from Celine Dion to Whitney Houston, from Air Supply to The Carpenters, and the Beatles.
  • Christmas in the Philippines starts as early as September and lasts till the third week of January.
  • Most Filipinos think that all white Westerners are Americans.