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Restaurants in the Philippines

Filipino cuisine is a goldmine. What is more interesting, the dishes can be varying, depending on the province or island group that you are exploring. Filipinos take pride of their food. They remain true to their traditional dishes but dare to explore the cuisine of the neighboring countries. The Filipinos love celebration and often eat out once or twice a month especially right after they receive their paycheck. Although the street food culture in the Philippines is something to be explored, it is not for everyone. It is only for the brave heart with a strong stomach.

But, the Filipinos are proud of their authentic and homecooked meals. Unlike the challenging street food, home-prepared meals feature the texture, taste, smell, and color of authentic Filipino cuisine. Trying authentic, homecooked meals is something that should not be missed while traveling in the Philippines.

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Top 10 of Great Restaurants in the Philippines

  • With its relaxing ambiance and well-presented dishes, Breakfast at Antonio’s, is the perfect escape from the busy Manila.
  • Fely J’s Kitchen at Greenbelt 5, Makati City showcases Filipino recipes gathered from Fely’s past trips.
  • An old hole-in-the-wall, R&J Bulalohan at Boni Avenue, Mandaluyong City, is famous for bulalo, a famous traditional Filipino soup of slow-cooked bone marrow.
  • Known for its common Filipino food, Milky Way Café has satisfied food lovers for decades now.
  • Serving for more than twenty years, Little Quiapo at Parañaque City offers simple dishes that Filipinos eat every day.

  • Zen-like, Ugu Bigyan’s Pottery Garden and Restaurant does not only meet the standard of hungry stomachs but also entertains its food lovers with a beautiful garden.
  • A native Filipino Restaurant, Hukad located in Cebu captures the authentic taste of Filipino that can only be found in a home kitchen.
  • A mix of Thai and Viet food, Lemongrass is an exploration of the delicious cuisines of Thai and Vietnamese food.
  • A trip in Cebu is never complete without dining at Larsian—the barbecue landmark in the city.
  • Famous for its fresh seafood, STK Ta Bai! is the ultimate seafood adventure in Cebu.



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Traditional dishes in the Philippines

  • Considered the most exotic and challenging food for the foreigners, balut—a boiled duck embryo—is a popular street food at night
  • A rougher version of sushi, kinilaw—seasoned fish strips soaked in vinegar and spices—is the best drinking companion.
  • Very easy to prepare, paksiw¬—fish stew on little water, vinegar, and spices—always appears on the dining table.
  • Anything grilled—grilled fish, pork, and chicken—is every Filipino’s favorite.

  • Pansit bihon is a popular stir-fried noodle that is always present on important occasions.
  • Sour and savory, sinigang is the best soup served in lunch or dinner.
  • Dubbed as the unofficial national dish of the Philippines, chicken or pork adobo is savory and rice’s partner in crime.