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Markets in the Philippines

Markets in the Philippines often showcase a combination local produce products and goods from their neighboring countries like China. In some markets’ nooks, local artisans sell their works for a cheap price. It is the place as well to have a glimpse of how locals live their everyday lives.
What can be found in the markets greatly depends on the islands and the season you are traveling. Aside from the common tropical fruits like bananas and mangoes, famous fruits are often associated with places. Markets in major cities in Mindanao like Davao have cheap durian and mangosteen, Bukidnon tons of pineapples, Camiguin its rows of Mambajao lanzones, Guimaras its sweet mangoes, and Baguio its strawberries to name some. Bazaars, weekend markets, and flea markets are scattered all over the country as well. Some of the most interesting local stories can be heard from the markets all over the Philippines. Exploring its markets is as insightful as encountering the country’s hidden gems.

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Top 10 Markets in the Philippines

  • For bargains on footwear and casual clothes, Baclaran Night Market is something to be explored.
  • Quiapo Market, considered as the old downtown and one of the notorious markets in Manila, is comprised of varied local stores that bespeak this charming market.
  • Binondo Market, the oldest Chinatown in the world located in Manila, is the core of commerce and trade for different types of industries mostly run by Filipino-Chinese businessmen.
  • Sidcor Sunday Market sells meat, seafood, poultry, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Salcedo Market, which offers local snacks and food and organic produce, is one of the most frequented markets in the metro.
  • AANI or Agri Aqua Network International provides organic produce and fresh meat and poultry and sometimes sells plants and flowers.
  • Baguio Public Market, located at the lower section of the famous Session Road, is the hub of fresh produce, flowers, and handicrafts.
  • Carbon Market, the biggest market in Cebu City, is the drop-off point of fresh produce from the highlands.
  • Taboan Dried Fish Market is the center of dried fish industry in Cebu and where you can buy the popular dried danggit, a famous delicacy in Cebu.
  • Bankerohan, the biggest market in Davao City, is one of the places where durian, mangosteen, and pomelos are at their cheapest.



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Top 3 Highlighted Markets in the Philippines

  • Divisoria at Binondo is the Chinatown district in Manila City. It is the hub of different shops and stores that sell produce, meat and poultry, and dry goods. It is the place where you can find virtually anything for a rather cheap price. Considered as the heaven of the frugal, Binondo is the most crowded market in Manila.
  • Cebu City’s Carbon Market, which is the neighbor of Colon, the oldest street in the country, is the drop-off point of the tropical fruits and vegetables from the highlands. Freedom Park, where intricate handicrafts and fresh, colorful flowers are sold, is just a stone’s throw away from Carbon.
  • Davao City’s Bankerohan Market is the paradise for fruit lovers. Mindanao is the sanctuary of some of the delicious, unique fruits in the Philippines. Here, durian, the king of all fruits, and mangosteen, the queen of all fruits, can be bought for a crazy cheap price.