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You know how megacities work. They are labyrinths and puzzles. They have dead ends. There are areas you think are near but actually take an hour or so. From the airport, it takes at least 30 minutes to go to the nearest bus terminal. Beaches are outside the city and takes an hour or so to reach them.

One overwhelming character of Manila is its congested roads. Public buses and jeepneys crawl like snails during rush hours. The most convenient way to go around the city is by taxiing or a guided tour. Of course, they are not excepted from the damning traffic. But local knows the ins and outs, the shortcuts of their own city. Aside from the public jeepneys and inter-city and provincial-bound buses, Manila Light Trail Transit System and Manila Metro Rail Transit Sytem are the inter-city system in the capital. To avoid the traffic, locals use this mean of transport. Hence, every rush hour, the trains are so packed.

  • Dicover the virgin paradise of caramoan
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • Explore the beauties of Baler Aurora!
  • Eat like Fiesta
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay
  • Day Trip to Pagsanjan with Canoe Rafting
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • Hacienda Escudero plantation tour
  • Explore the beauties of Baler Aurora!
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Hacienda Escudero plantation tour
  • Eat like Fiesta
  • Day tour to Tagaytay.

Travel prices in Manila, Philippines

During non-rush hours, traveling in and around Manila is really easy and convenient. Metered taxis are scattered around the city. Taxi’s flag down rate in most cities of the Philippines is P40.00 ($1) and the distance rate for every 300 meter is just a nickel. There are also yellow airport taxis that are said more reliable and safer than the regular ones. To hail taxis faster especially during rush hours, there are two dominant taxi apps that allow you to call for one from your smart phone. Inter-city and provincial-bound buses are in half-a-mile radius. To avoid the traffic and travel more efficiently, it is best to travel during non-rush hours. Commuting in the Philippines is shockingly cheap. It only costs a dime for a jeepney ride and $3 for a three-hour bus ride to the nearest beach

Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Ideas for travelling in Manila, Philippines

When you travel, you assume a different character most of the times. In the Philippines, there is a huge possibility you will have the laugh of your life. Here, people will treat you like the duke or duchess. Or if you feel like a queen or the king, be their guest. To spice up that celebrity kind of feeling, rent a yacht and cruise along Manila Bay. It has one of the most romantic sunsets in the metro. Or be in a limousine or drive around in an eye-catching sport car. When Manila decides to be posh, it can be really one.