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Things to do in Manila, Philippines

A megacity, Manila is restless and bustling. Big cities often change. Shops open and close. New activities spring up. You never run out of things to do in Manila. The city’s character rubs on you. You bustle with the city. You find yourself sharing stories with the locals, marveling at historical sites, digging into home-cooked meals, learning a Tagalog word or two, singing a song at the karaoke, crossing streets like a local, visiting weekend markets, finding a green nook, or chasing the sun at the bay.

Cities are like that. It is either you allow it to annoy you with its chaos and busyness, or you wear its character like a local. You love its ease and comfort and embrace its imperfections and shortcomings. No cities, after all, are perfect. If there is, Manila is not that kind of city. Its beauty, its story lies in its imperfections.

  • Learn how to Crafts and Sew with Karen
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • Day Trip to Pagsanjan with Canoe Rafting
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Hacienda Escudero plantation tour
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Day tour to Tagaytay.
  • Pinoy fusion dish & history of Filipino Shoes
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay
  • Eat like Fiesta
  • Dicover the virgin paradise of caramoan
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.

Interesting facts about Manila, Philippines

  • Makati—the business hub in Manila—is the Selfie Capital of the world
  • University of St. Tomas—the oldest university in the Philippines and in Asia
  • A famous author named Manila as the gates of hell in his novel much to the chagrin of the Filipinos, especially the Manileños
  • Some parts of the movie Bourne Legacy was shoot in Manila and Palawan
  • A new sensation in the metro, a traffic policeman entertains motorists and pedestrians with his dance moves while directing the traffic flow
  • Although most people are Roman Catholics, there are other religions such as Islam and other Christian faith
  • During the boxing champ Manny Pacquiao’s fight, it is expected the roads to be less congested
  • Basketball, just like anywhere in the Philippines, is like a religion

Manila, Philippines


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Manila, Philippines.

Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Be a local in Manila, Philippines

  • Act like a local. There is nothing more significant than truly experiencing the essence of the place. Be a true traveler and go to places that locals themselves frequent. Observe the religious crowd at old churches on Sundays. Explore the oldest Chinatown in the world. Shop at the local markets
  • Drink like a local. When in Manila, drink what the locals drink. The Philippines has many local rum, beer, light beer, and cocktails. It goes to say that they love their drinks. The most popular are Red Horse, San Miguel Light, San Miguel Pilsen, Tanduay Ice and its variations
  • Eat like a local. Manileños love food. They love dining out and exploring the tastes of the east and west. After all, different sides of the world contribute to the building of the heritage of the local cuisines. Pork adobo, lechon, kinilaw, and so many others should not be missed when traveling in Manila. They would taste a lot better if what you have tried is home-cooked. There is nothing taste better than home-cooked meals