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Nightlife in Manila, Philippines

Manila requires grit and grace especially at night. This city assumes a different character as the night falls. The streets are not as crowded during the day. As malls and other establishments close at 9, other places open. Manila at night adds texture and vigor to its character. Manila’s nightlife is rather varied. There are places where you can find expats, foreign tourists, and locals in one big crowd. Some places look exclusively local, some are foreign. But as the night progresses, the line between what is local and what is foreign blurs. In the wee hours of the morning, Manila has a crowd not bound by race rather a crowd bound by one singular religion: fun.

Being the capital, Manila typifies fun, hedonism, wildness. For the perennially young, house, RnB, hip-hop, electronica, and some trance are the common beat played in these places. They vary every night. For a milder crowd, relaxing, boho atmosphere, cafes and bars offer mellow live music. Of course, there are places as well that are just meant for drinking all night long.
Aside from the imported drinks, there are plenty of local drinks to choose from light beer to cocktails.

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Things to do at night in Manila, Philippines

  • For live music, a chitchat with music lovers, and to gauge how healthy the local music scene is, check 70’s Bistro
  • Proud of its unequaled service and world-class entertainment, Prive Luxury Club located in Bonifacio Global City is another partygoer’s paradise
  • Alchemy, a three-floor Euro-style club, raises the dance madness a notch higher
  • A New York-style bar/lounge/restaurant located on the 71st floor, 71 Gramercy is the highest club in Manila
  • Finders Keepers is a speakeasy kind of lounge bar where you can sip your draft and bottled/canned beers, cocktails, and a wide variety of spirits
  • To meet artists, local musicians such as the genius Joel Ayala and have a bohemian kind of fun, head to Conspiracy Garden Café
  • For something odd, unique, or uniquely which is recently featured on CNN’s Travel, head to Hobbit House, where the waiters and waitresses are all little people
  • If you have the heart for beatbox battle, reggae madness, local rock bands, music+art festival, and many more, BSide is the right place for you
  • For a French atmosphere, drinks, and crowd, Le Café Curieux is something new to check
  • For a fix on all kind of underground music, Black Market has all the kind of music you want

Manila, Philippines


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