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Festivals in Manila, Philippines

Festivals can be a good source of stories on how locals live their lives and celebrate life in general. Catholic by background, most of the festivals in Manila are tributes to its saints and patrons. Festivals here, just like the rest of the country, are prayers of gratefulness, faith, and hope. So most of the festivals here are religious by background, but it does not mean street partying is not part of the game for some festivals. Aside from the famous religious rites, the metro revels films, music, history, and culture. A month does not pass by without a festival going on somewhere Manila

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Festivals worth visiting in Manila, Philippines

  • The biggest and the most crowded festival in Manila, Feast of the Black Nazarene happens every January.
  • An International Music Festival centering on organ music, it is nothing short of magical to listen to bamboo-produced music at Bamboo Organ Festival.
  • With some major streets closed, Manila celebrates Maundy Thursday with large processions.
  • One of the colorful and flamboyant festivals in the metro, Santa Cruzan is an annual beauty pageant and dubbed as the Queen of Filipino Festivals.
  • Happening in June, Araw ng Maynila (Manila Day) celebrates its founding with a four-day food fare.
  • With around 150 bands playing in different stages in one place, Fête de la Musique is the perfect festival for music lovers and party goers.
  • Promoting the traditional dance, Subli-an sa Manila offers a glimpse of ethnic and traditional songs and dance.
  • Kalesa Festival highlights the heritage significance of the horse carriages in Manila and the whole country.
  • Food, artworks, handicrafts, songs, and dances are displayed during Filipino Heritage Festival.
  • In Manila and the rest of the country, there is nothing grander than Christmas celebration.

Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Biggest festivals in Manila, Philippines

  • Drawing millions of devotees, the streets surrounding Minor Basilica of the Black Nazarene locally known as Quiapo Church are flooded with people who witness this annual celebration of the Black Nazarene.This festival aside from its religious significance is a favorite subject of photographers for its intensity and rawness
  • Dubbed as the Queen of Filipino Festivals, Santacruzan showcases the true beauty of the Filipinas. Locals look forward to this grand event because some of their favorite local starts donned in beautiful, elegant, flamboyant Filipiniana (traditional dress) grace the streets with their beauty. It happens in May.
  • For the music lovers, party goers, and the sociable, Fête de la Musique must be the awesome event for you. Happening in the later part of June, it features varied music genres—both local and foreign. It is the best time to catch with the perennially young crowd with booze in hand while enjoying homegrown and foreign tunes alike.