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Climate in Manila, Philippines

The capital in a tropical country in the Pacific, Manila shares the same climate with the rest of the country. The warmest months are from March and can last until October. Winter monsoon coming from the Pacific somehow makes its warm or cool from November to January. Rainy months start in June and can last till November.

The sunniest months run from March to May. These months can be hot with temperature almost reaching 40 degrees Celsius. But this time of the year is the best time to saunter the city streets, know its people, and perhaps go to the beach an hour drive from the metro.

December to May are the best time to travel to Manila to avoid the rainy seasons. In the past years Manila’s temperature from December to February dropped, and it felt like Baguio---the summer capital of the country. But starting March, the heat can be quite high. Between the flood and the heat, the latter is a better choice. Summer officially starts in April and the temperature can reach up to 38°C

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Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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