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Some would say it is either you love or hate big cities like Manila, the capital of the Philippines. With around 2 million populace, it is arguably one of the mostly densely populated cities in the world. But the emotions for Manila cannot be a straight love or hate. It is a swing between these two. Manila is the kind of city that makes you feel any possible emotions. On one hand, it can make you frustrated with its congested roads and dubious taxi drivers. On the other, it can thrill you with cheap finds.

A city somewhat marred by poverty and jadedness, Manila is still highly capable of putting a smile on your lips. Yes, Manila can make you feel alive and human again. That is the power of Manila.

Manileños speak Tagalog or Filipino—a language that has soft vowels and sounds sweet to the ears. Just like majority of the Filipinos, the locals in Manila and the neighboring cities have a good command in English.

When you are in Manila, don’t forget to smile. It is the universal language that Filipinos love.

  • Experience good food in Batangas
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Experience good food in Batangas
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Food Trip Through Ancient Town
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Food Trip Through Ancient Town
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • Explore the beauties of Baler Aurora!
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay

Habits in Manila, Philippines

  • In Manila, tailing the sentences with po such as “thank you po” and “excuse me po” and using “opo” instead of “yes” are signs of respect
  • Bringing the back of an elderly’s hand on your forehead is a sign of respect anywhere the Philippines
  • Footwear is usually left outside the door, but big cities like Manila do not practice this anymore
  • Locals drinking by the road sometimes offer a new face a glass of local wine or beer as a gesture of friendship
  • Manileños—like the rest of the Filipinos—love their rice more than anything else
  • A smile can be taken as a shy or unvoiced hello
  • Raised eyebrow can also be taken as a “yes” in answer to a question
  • Some drivers, bystanders, and local men love to be called “boss”

Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Manila, Philippines


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Things to do in Manila, Philippines

  • Learn history at University of Santo Tomas museum, prided as the oldest operating museum in the Philippines and has collections preserved for more than three hundred years
  • Walk around Intramuros and marvel at the green lungs and old churches, nosh on street food, and visit Fort Santiago located at end of this wall city
  • Experience the Philippines on a plate: tolerate balot, devour lechon, and gobble pork adobo
  • Catch a glimpse of the art scene through art galleries such as Makati’s The Collective and Cubao X’s Pablo Gallery
  • Pursue the extraordinary, the eclectic, the creative at the boutiques at Cubao X
  • Drink what locals drink: Tanduay Ice, San Miguel Light or the good old San Miguel
  • Allow yourself to relax, enjoy great food with artistically inclined boho crowd at Penguin Café at Malate
  • Explore and shop at Binondo, the oldest Chinatown in the world, and visit Binondo church
  • Shop and walk like crazy at Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the country and perhaps in whole Asia
  • Act like a local: ride a jeepney and say “pamasahe po” or “para po.”