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Travel guides are something that are planned but never work out the way they should be. And no amount of reading travel guides can really fully educate a traveler on the intrinsic workings of a foreign place. Knowing and understanding a place better needs a perspective from a local.

There is nothing more rewarding than hearing these stories from the locals themselves. A local’s perspectives on their very places add color, drama, and texture, making the place’s history more enriched, more captivating, more magical. With them you can hear stories about mythical creatures living in beautiful places such as mantaga, the giant fish living in rivers; a giant squid lurking somewhere the vast sea; a capri inhabiting the centuries-old trees; and the diwatas protecting the forests. The Philippines is endowed with so many wondrous natural beauty that mainstream travel guides have not explored yet.

Every place comes with a story and history; thus, it is more insightful to hear the stories from the locals themselves.

  • Nutritious Outdoor Dinner
  • Swim & Picnic at Estrella Falls
  • Island Hopping Cebu!
  • Unforgettable Camotes Island
  • Eat like Fiesta
  • A Learning banca ride Bujo River Eco-Tour
  • Discover Scuba Diving in Anilao Batangas Marine Park
  • 2-Day Camotes Island Bike Tour
  • Hidden Valley Springs. The beauty of nature.
  • Learn Philippine Stick Self-Defense
  • * A different twist on Filipino food
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • authentic flavors of Filipino cuisine
  • City tour of the past and present of Manila.
  • Learn Sculpture or Pottery using clay



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