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Festivals in the Philippines

Filipinos are firm believers of hope, prayers, and love. Being the only Christian country in Asia, some locals attend to their religious duties by regularly going to the church and pray. But there is another collective form of prayer popular in the Philippines celebrated every year. Yes, these are the festivals. The festivals in the Philippines are prayers in a form of dance. Dancers wear vibrant costumes and dance to a beat so contagious that even the foreign cannot help but follow the rhythm of the drum. Groups from all over the country regardless of religion take part in this annual celebration. Major city streets are closed and millions of people gather and witness the street dancing. It is one of those rare moments when everyone, local and foreign, rich and poor, young and old, walk on the same streets.

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Top 10 festivals in the Philippines

  • Sinulog happening every third Sunday of January is the most awaited festival in Cebu that has roughly 3 million devotees witnessing and experiencing the world-class dance, the colors, and the street party.
  • Dinagyang in Iloilo is another religious festival in honor of Senor Sto. Niño, the beloved baby Jesus that everyone adores.
  • A dance of triumph, Masskara Festival is full of energy and vibrancy at Bacolod, the sugarcane capital in the country.
  • The city of flowers and summer of the capital, Baguio awes its visitors with vibrant flowers in varied designs and sizes during its Panagbenga Festival.
  • Another dance pilgrimage for the miraculous Sto. Niño is Ati-atihan at Aklan, the mother province of Boracay Island.

  • Davao City’s Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of life and showcases attractions and harvests in the city such as the Philippine eagle, durian, waling-waling, and mangosteen.
  • Highlighting the passion for flying and air show, Pampanga’s Hot-air Balloon Festival is something no tourist should miss out on.
  • A harvest and thanksgiving festival, Pahiyas Festival at Lucban, Quezon showcases the different tropical fruits that the Philippines are known for.
  • During the Lenten season, San Fernando Cutud Lenten Rites at Pampanga imitates Jesus’ nailing to the cross.
  • Leyte’s Pintados Festival produces some of the world-class, award-winning dance rituals such as Abuyog’s Buyogan tribe and Alang-alang’s Lingganay to name two.



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