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Travelling in Cebu, Philippines

Some have the misconception that Cebu is a small island. Well, small is relative. Though there are some beautiful beaches and diving sites an hour away from the airport, some of the best are located outside the city and need at least two-hour travel time. Just like any other major cities, the city is a victim of traffic jams especially Friday and Sunday afternoons, the times when most left and returned to the city respectively. Round and about the city can be done through taxis, rented cars, or do it the local way, ride a jeepney. Some island destinations such as Malapascua and Bantayan Island are at least four hours by bus. But you will love traveling in southern or northern Cebu: down south’s highway is loyal to its coasts, giving you a panoramic view of the distant mountain ranges, the sea, and if you are traveling early or late, the beautiful sunrise or sunset. While up north, rolling hills after rolling hills of sugarcane will be a beautiful experience!

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Different ways to travel in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is a city whose transportation is not as progressive as it should be. It dearly clings to the past (a part of the city has tartanilla—horse-driven carriages) and reluctant to embrace the future of transports. But fortunately, taxis are all over the city, which can be considered cheap for tourist’ standard.

Taxi’s flag down rate is P40.00 ($1) and the distance rate for every 300 meter is just a nickel. For those traveling outside the city, public buses—both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned—leave the terminals on scheduled time. To save an hour or so from traveling by public buses, there are also GT Express—a passenger van that only accommodates around 16-18 passengers.

The islands such as Malapascua, Bantayan Island, and Camotes Islands require a ship or a boat ride. For the adventurous and young at heart, there is always habal-habal—a passenger motorbike that are normally used for dirt and small barrio roads. The fare greatly depends on your destination, but public transportation in the Philippines is dirt cheap.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Luxurious travel alternatives in Cebu, Philippines

When in Cebu and have the urge to feel like a member of the royal family—the island way—you can rent the whole boat for yourself and hop islands with your friends and loved ones. You can have that air of privacy and exclusivity that you deserve.

If you feel like navigating the city faster and more efficiently, you can rent a car anywhere. Plus, if you feel posh or gallant, renting a sophisticated sport car is highly possible.