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Things to do in Cebu, Philippines

When you, a traveler, are confronted with the unknown and the unfamiliar, it is your task to know, discover, and understand. When in Cebu, just like the rest in the Philippines, locals appreciate it when you interact and laugh with them, utter simple Cebuano words such as “Maayong adlaw” (good day), dig in to their favorite local food, and learn and understand this Christian islands’ culture and history.

Here in Cebu, the islands such as Camotes, Bantayan, and Malapascua and their people welcome guests with hospitality and anticipation. They are eager to share their island’s rich stories over food, local drinks, and ballads. As you may know, they also want to hear your stories you gathered and experienced from the different places you have been too. They also want to hear stories from your very land. Cebuanos love stories.

Habits in Cebu, Philippines

  • At home, some Cebuanos eat with their bare hands especially when eating traditional Cebuano food.
  • Cebuano or Bisaya is the language spoken in the Queen City of the South and some Visayan regions
  • Footwear is usually left outside the door, but out of hospitability, the house owner can ask the visitors to wear them inside the house
  • Some locals sometimes offer a drink to a new face in the hood as a gesture of friendship.
  • At times, Cebuanos sound angry although they are not.
  • Just most of the Filipinos, Cebuanos love karaoke.
  • Local sentences are sometimes peppered with “aw” “kuan” and “oy.”
  • Just like most parts of the country, putting the back of an old relative’s hand on the forehead is a sign of respect.
  • November 1st and 2nd are All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively while the 30th is the birth of the national hero Andres Bonifacio, who was betrayed and executed by the Philippine government.

Cebu, Philippines


Have an authentic meal at a local families home. Experience the real food of Cebu, Philippines.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


Everybody's good at something! Learn from Cebu, Philippines locals and their cultures.

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Interesting facts about Cebu, Philippines

  • Know and understand Cebu through its cuisine. Despite the food being similar in the rest of the country, Cebu has its own branding, making Filipino food uniquely Cebuano. Lechon, kinilaw, fresh seafood, and utan Bisaya (Cebuano vegetable soup) are some of the cuisines that Cebuanos love. They are best eaten with the locals while learning a thing or two from the local perspective.
  • An island known for its beaches and surrounded with equally spectacular islands, Cebu is the perfect place for beach and island hopping. Dive with the thresher sharks in Malapascua, chase after the sardine run at Moalboal, let the sand melt between your toes at Bantayan Island, enjoy the serenity at Lambug Beach, or if you’re brave enough, cliff-jump at Camotes Island.
  • Have the urge to understand Cebu’s history, heritage, and culture? There is no better way of doing this than saunter its very streets with a local. Through walking with a local, you will know the stories behind the colonial splendors found at downtown Cebu, the nooks and crannies that this place is famous and infamous for.