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Shopping in Cebu, Philippines

Your shopping experience in Cebu comes in surprises. This beautiful paradise in central Philippines has a lot of independent and small enterprises that would surely capture the hearts of any traveler: footwear, clothes, textile, guitar, or delicacies that Cebu is known for.

Cebu is as metropolitan as it is your tropical remote island. It has some of the best, most elegant shopping malls in the country. When you feel tired from the seemingly expansive sand, clear water, and blue sky, cool down and enter a mall and shop to your heart’s content. They have the most coveted brands. Plus, there are boutiques that showcase what is truly Filipino, what is truly Cebuano.

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Best places to shop in Cebu Cebu, Philippines

  • Considered as the best, Rustan’s, a sophisticated retailer and department store in the Philippines, has a branch in Ayala Cebu.
  • Ayala Mall Cebu is a top shopping and dining destination in the city.
  • For small boutiques, a secondhand bookshop, and cheap dining places, Robinson’s Mall is a good shopping option.
  • With its new wing, SM City Cebu is every Cebuano’s favorite shopping, dining, and fun destination.
  • For cheap bargains, knick knacks, and artistic finds, Unitop is Cebuano’s secret favorite.
  • A hodgepodge of boutiques, eateries, and street vendors, shopping at Colon Street is a must-try.
  • For dining, shopping, and coffee, Banilad Town Center is another place to check.
  • For intrinsic, eccentric prints, Gaisano Country Mall is the perfect place for bohemians.
  • Soon to rise, SM Seaside is touted as the biggest and grandest shopping mall in Cebu.
  • The only pet-friendly shopping mall in Cebu, Parkmall is a paradise for animal-loving shoppers.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Authentic stores in Cebu Cebu, Philippines

  • For authentic and truly Cebuano footwear, Carcar Shoe Market is the most popular in the island.
  • Originally Cebuano, Island Souvenir sells a wide array of t-shirts that feature the beauty of famous tourist attractions, dried mangoes, and other souvenir items.
  • A trip to Cebu means stashing several packs of dried mangoes in your luggage.
  • To witness the creations of guitars, go to Ferangeli Guitar Handcrafter in Lapu-Lapu City.
  • For fresh produce and affordable bargains, Carbon market is the happy place of most Cebuanos.
  • If you want to check your haggling power, Tabo sa Banay is the haven for hagglers.
  • For really affordable, artistic, eccentric accessories, Aizilym is where most accessories boutiques get their goods.
  • The souvenir shop by Basilica del Sto. Nino is the perfect place for hand-woven goods and handcrafted knickknacks.