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Nightlife in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is both rustic and metropolitan. In the metropolis, dancing and partying are something akin to the Western idea of having fun. Partying is charged with wildness and excitement. Places are dimly lit and smoky, DJs mix the right beat, bartenders concoct drinks, and the crowd—all adults—goes wild and sweaty on the dance floor with house or trance music on. But if you go to the country or islands, the idea of dancing is entirely different. The crowd ranges from elementary kids to grandparents. Discos are everybody’s favorite night entertainment in the countryside. It is the only communal entertainment they have. Melodies are spectrums of Hollywood pop like Rihanna’s and Lady Gaga’s, melodramatic lullabies like Air Supply’s and Celine Dion’s, and some regional songs. It is typical in the countryside to have a tagay by the disco—one glass of a locally concocted drink being passed around.

You might want to try the local drink, tuba, fermented coconut wine or its stronger version, bahal. Or for the strong at heart, try mestisa—a combination of rum and softdrink.

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Nightlife tips in Cebu, Philippines

  • A great combination of music, drinks, and dishes, Cable Car at Banilad, Cebu City rocks in many ways.
  • For wine, French bread, and romantic vibe, head to La Vie Parisienne.
  • Popular among the young Cebuanos and other Asians, Pump pumps your blood with RnB and hip-hop music all night long.
  • For live music, sandwiches, Irish drinks, and some local beer, Irish Pub at Mango Avenue is making a name among western travelers.
  • For a mixed crowd, djs, and drinks, Club Alchology typifies the night scene in city.
  • Posh and high-end, Loft at IT Park Lahug, is the favorite hangout of the elite.
  • For cocktail drinks, food, and chitchat, Scapyard Lounge is gradually making a name.
  • For stargazing, live music, cocktails, and a beautiful city nightscape, Sky Lounge is a perfect dating venue.
  • A beautiful contradiction, The Distillery is bar that has a wide variety of drinks from imported beer to top whiskies but with a hole-in-the-wall feel.
  • If you are in Malapascua Island, dance with the literally young and the old during their benefit dance, the only night entertainment on the island.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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