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Markets in Cebu, Philippines

Markets must be one of the interesting places to visit in Cebu. Although you can find everything you need in the malls, there are moments that can only be experienced in places whose crowd is mostly locals. Yes, markets for example. Markets in Cebu are usually a hodgepodge of street vending from knickknacks to clothes, from produce to kinky items, from accessories to street food. These places especially the ones in the city are considered dangerous, rough, and poverty-laden even for the locals. But for some, these places are simply misunderstood and actually great sources of humility, gratefulness, hope, and yes, ultra cheap finds.

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Different kinds of markets in Cebu, Philippines

  • For native baskets, custom-made furniture, and flowers, Freedom Park market is the awesome destination.
  • Rough, raw, yet fun, Carbon Market has the cheapest ready-to-wear, accessories, shoes, and basically anything you want and need.
  • From September til January, Colon Night Market is a good place to hang out with the local crowd.
  • Taboan Dried Fish Market is the center of dried fish industry in Cebu and where you can buy the popular dried danggit, a famous delicacy in Cebu.
  • Considered as the vegetable basket in Cebu, Mantalungon located at the foothills of Osmeña Peak has the cheapest fresh produce you can find.
  • For sturdy footwear, Carcar Shoe Market has already made a reputation locally and internationally.
  • For sweet corns, flowers, fresh produce, and other delicacies, there is a market along Transcentral Highway worth checking out.
  • Not really for the posh but for the adventurers, Pasil Wet Market is the drop-off point of the fish supply in Cebu and the perfect place to enjoy “larang”—a kind of fish soup.
  • For the freshest oysters, varied seaweed salads, sea urchins, anything seafood, Liloan Weekend Market is a heaven for seafood lovers.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Famous markets in Cebu, Philippines

  • Cebu City’s Carbon Market, which is the neighbor of Colon, the oldest street in the country, is the drop-off point of the tropical fruits and vegetables from the highlands. It is the biggest market in the city where everything can be found from cheap clothes, knickknacks, eccentric accessories, flowers, and fresh produce.
  • Cebu is known for its fresh, delectable, and affordable seafood. Liloan, a town an hour away from the city, has talaba—a local name for oyster. People visist Liloan for its fresh oysters. Every weekend, the market is alive with its varied seafood delight and other popular dishes like lechon. For a gastronomic adventure, Liloan Weekend Market should be in your must-do list.
  • Dalaguete is the home of the highest peak in the province and the supplier of most vegetables in Cebu and neighboring islands. It is in Mantalungon Vegetable Market that you can trucks of fresh vegetables readied for transport. The market is often the entry point for a trek to Osmeña Peak. The traverse from Cebu’s highest to Kawasan is replete with vegetation.