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Climate in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is located in the central part of the Visayas, the group of islands in the core of the Philippines. Just like the rest of the tropical islands in the country, Cebu has dry and rainy seasons.

From June to October, the days are partly rainy and cloudy and often considered the typhoon months in the country. What seems to be the advantage of Cebu from other islands is its geography. This island paradise is often spared from the brunt of typhoons with normal speed.

The travel-friendly days are the sunny ones which start in November last till May. Eternal summer is an idea foreigners have for tropical countries like the Philippines. It can be. But such summer is actually punctuated with an hour-or-so of rain. With the incessant climate change, it is expected that even April and May—the hottest months in the island—have their bouts of rain every now and then.

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Summer in Cebu, Philippines

Summer is always the perfect period to travel in Cebu. It makes everything picturesque and post-card perfect. Blue and green dominate this time of the year. Beaches and waterfalls, especially on weekends, are the most crowded, the most exciting, the most local especially during April and May—the time when students have their break from school. These months are the best to trek Cebu’s highest peak Osmeña Peak or the climbing destinations in nearby islands like the ones in Negros.

Summer can be feverish in the city like Cebu. The temperature in the city can escalate up to 37°C. But such feverish heat can hardly be felt in an island shaded with coconut trees. And the summer, tropical breeze on the beach is one of the highlights of your afternoon siesta.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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