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Nestled in the heart of the Philippines—an archipelago with more than 7 000 island to boast—Cebu is considered as one of the best island destinations in Asia-Pacific region offering vast variety of island tours. Cebu City—the oldest city in the Philippines—is the Queen City of the South and the second largest city in the country next to Manila. Cebu is a gem that keeps on evolving and getting more beautiful.

It makes traveling to other neighboring islands convenient and accessible, so the island hoping tours are great way of exploring this archipelago. It is the gateway to other paradisaical destinations such as Bohol, Negros, Iloilo, Davao to name a few. It is also the home of the best diving sites, beaches, islands, and historical sites.

Cebuanos speak their mother tongue Cebuano or Bisaya with pride, which is a far-flung language from the national language Filipino or Tagalog. They are also some of the best English speakers in the country. Since most of them find their Filipino awkward, they actually prefer speaking in English when necessary.

Just like their fellow Filipinos, Cebuanos are kind, naturally smiling, and generous. So when you find yourself in the Queen City of the South, always wear a smile and expect to have it returned with a bigger, warmer smile.

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  • Learn basic Wing Chun self-defense techniques
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  • Personalized tour with a local driver
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Fun Things to do in Cebu, Philippines

  • Stroll on the spellbounding sand bar at Bantayan Island.
  • Climb Osmeña Peak, Cebu’s highest, and be awed at its many peaks and spikes.
  • Swim with the gentle giants whale sharks and respect their silence and hugeness.
  • Explore Larsian, Cebu’s barbecue landmark, and its varied barbecues from seafood to meat.
  • Be sinful with a plate of lechon and manok inasal—which comes in varieties—spicy, belly, and boneless.
  • When an island as spectacular as Cebu, it is about seafood, seafood, and seafood.
  • Dive and interact with thresher sharks at Malapascua.
  • Meet and greet the nocturnal creatures at Mango Square, the place for party animals.
  • Walk downtown and observe the local lives and the many heritage sites mostly located downtown.
  • Ride jeepneys which come in numbers and letters and say “plite palihug” and “lugar lang” to your fellow passengers and the driver.

Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Cebu, Philippines


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Fun Facts about Cebu, Philippines

  • Cebu City—being the oldest—is the mother of all cities in the Philippines.
  • Colon Street - named after the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus—is the oldest and shortest national road in the country.
  • Cebu City ranks 9th at the Selfiest Cities in the World, an online research conducted by Time Magazine.
  • It is the home of Sinulog—one of the grandest festivals in the country held every third Sunday of January.
  • Cebu is known for its sinful lechon baboy.
  • Heard of the YouTube Sensation: Dancing Inmates? They are in Cebu Provincial Dentention Center and Rehabilitation (CPDRC).
  • Puso (rice wrapped in coconut leaves) originates from Cebu.
  • A very famous travel magazine dubbed Cebu as one of the best island destination in the Indian Ocean-Asia and Asian-Pacific.