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Airports in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country of thousands of islands, which can be crossed either through long ship rides or an hour-or-so flight.

With around 15 international airports and around 30 domestic airports, catching a flight to the neighboring island provinces or flying to its Asian neighbors is not a problem. Famous island destinations like Boracay and Bohol have small domestic airports, while the biggest international flights are in Cebu, Manila, and Subic.

To put yourself at ease and to enjoy the ride from the airport to the city, try a guided airport transfer. It is a system where a local pick you up at the airport and brings you safely to your hotel. With this, you don’t have to worry about being ripped off or scammed by the drivers. Rather, you enjoy the stories that the local prepared for you.

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Airport transportation in the Philippines

With more than thirty airports, the distance, price, and time to travel from the city to the airport and vice versa, can vary. In Cebu and Manila, it takes around 45-minutes to reach the city from the airport during non-rush hours. Airports are accessible by jeepneys and bus (in Manila’s case), but the travel time is twice as long. In major cities Cebu, Subic, Manila, and Bacolod, the most convenient transport is by taxi. Metered taxis usually cost around P200 ($5), but it can be more expensive depending on the route and travel time.



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Guided Airport transfer in Philippines

Interested to know the city early on? Scared to be ripped off by the taxi driver? Want to have a comfortable and relaxing ride from the airport to your hotel? Yes? Then try the guided airport transfer. With this system, a local picks you up and drive you safely to your home for the night. Instead of getting anxious during the ride, the guided airport transfer guarantees your safety. Furthermore, your guide is a local who knows the ins and outs, the beauty and ugliness of his own place, who has years-long affairs with his city.