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Travelling in Nepal is a real adventure. They only have one traffic rule. Honk, honk, honk if you want to pass a car. Cars, bicycles and motorcycles are crossing each other which makes the traffic very chaotic. Do not be surprised if a taxi driver stops their car at the side of the busy road to change a tire. You can even stay in the car and he will be finished within 5 minutes! Visiting Nepal is the ideal change to spot some old fancy cars and trucks.

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  • Traditional Dinner: Newari Bhoj
  • Traditional eating experience: Newari Bhoj
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  • Daily Sunrise tour to Nagarkot.
  • Bike tour from Kathmandu to Tatopani
  • 14 Days Everest base camp trekking tour package in Nepal Himalayas with heavy discount
  • Jungle Safari at chitwan
  • Bhaktapur "A Short Visit to an Ancient City"
  • To Get The Real Taste Of Home Made Food
  • Sailing Local Wooden Boat in Narayani River
  • Cycling Tour in and around Kathmandu City
  • Enjoy Pokhara Lake and a Jungle Safari!


  • By taxi
    An average price for a taxi within Kathmandu will be 350Rs. After 8/9 pm the costs could be more expensive, around 500Rs. It is normal to bargain for your taxi price.

  • By airplane
    The international airport is located in Kathmandu. Furthermore there are domestic flights to Pokhara, Chitwan, and more major cities.

  • By bus
    The Sajha Yatayat has blue and white busses that are serving all the main routes. They are extremely cheap but are poorly maintained and rarely run to schedule.
  • By train
    There is no train station in Nepal

  • Busses for longer trips
    For busses to Bhaktapur, Patan, Pokhara and Chitwan, you can find busses at Gongabu, the northside of the Ring Road in Kathmandu. These busses are more comfortable and you are assured of a seat.



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