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Restaurants in Nepal

Be prepared for eating rice, because it is the main dish for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Luckily the cuisine consist of several spices, to give the rice different tastes all the time. It is a great party for the children who wish to eat by hands, because it is common to eat your meal by hand. In Nepal you will definitely eat Dal Bhat, which is a meal with lentils and rice, served with a vegetable curry and potatoes. A typical side dish at Dal Bhat, called Sag, are different kind of green vegetables like spinach and mustard greens. Lastly, you cannot visit Nepal without eating the momo's (similar to the dumpling). You can order them with buffalo, chicken, vegetables and lots of different sauces.

Instead of having a meal at the local tourist restaurant, Withlocals offers you the opportunity to join a local family for a real home based dinner experience. Try the ingredients of amazing home cooked food, and get an experience you will never forget!

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Dinner habits in Nepal

  • It is difficult to find beef in restaurants, but buffalo meet can be found everywhere
  • Nepalese People do not share food
  • However, many Nepalese women eat the leftovers from their husband’s plate
  • It is common to slurp tea in restaurants and homes
  • Eat always with your right hand, your left hand is your bathroom hand



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